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Free MM DVD. Just Vote


I am a complete moron, as opposed to an incomplete one, and ordered two Magnificent Mobility DVD's. This is a great product but I don't need two.

So here is the deal. Vote for the T-Nation member who has helped you the most, either publicly in the forums or via PM's, in 1 or 2 sentences about what they did for you. I will pick a winner and send them a MM dvd.



Mike Sullivan helped me the most by sending me the Magnificent Mobility DVD.


Mike, you gotta give it to this guy.


I wanna vote for Jilly. She hasn't directly helped me, I just think she's cool and a hard worker.


i think this contest is over. lol.


I think he won it.

If not:
Prof X definately helped me the most. I posted some pictures on here about a year ago thinking I was big enough to compete. Suffice it to say, he proved me wrong, and gave me a little humble pie.


I think Jilly is a great choice too, first response should get a beating for being a smart ass. jokes lol!
So many helpful people, you have a tough decision to make...


Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson helped me out the most...

Break it in half and give it to them.


They would know how to fix it and make it better than before.:wink:


That first response was priceless, but thanks for the plugs! Honestly, I would love the dvd. I see Phill post a lot of help to a lot of people, not sure if he has the dvd or not...


I think jillybop has proven herself more than worthy many times over, she already had a vote before me, and now you know that she doesn't have the DVD and would like it.

I'd vote for her as well. She has given my wife a lot of inspiration (as well as many other Vixens) and she is always helpful.


Chad Waterbury has answered all of my questions in the locker room and even given me some advice outside of training. He gets my vote.


Just give it to me, I'll give you $10


How about you burn it and we can all have one?


Just an FYI but this is for us oridinary people and not T-Nation staff and contributors. TC and Tim take very good care of them.




I don't believe everyone missed this, they made the DVD.....


Since Cressey and Robertson give us all a lot of FREE help, I think I will pass on pirating their work. Nice try though.


Kelly Bagget has helped me more than anybody in breaking down the training game. Give it to him if he doesn't already have it.


My vote goes to Phill, he's always giving great advice whenever I have a question and never makes fun of anyone trying to learn.