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Free Metabolic Drive Bars!


Damn it. I just put in an order last night and today you're giving away free bars for order over 50 bucks. DAMNNNNNN.


NO shit!! That sucks!!! I put my order in a couple of days ago too!


Yea, I just saw that about 15 minutes ago, and placed an order about a week and a half ago.

I just placed another order though, because I know my wife and I are going to use them eventually and it's saving us money in the long run.

I also had to buy a shirt to get the cost over $100 for free shipping.

I figgure since I was up to $97 without the shirt, the shirt was free instead of the shipping. :wink:


How long will this deal hold-out?
I'm placing my next order on March 15th... will I make the cut?


DAMNIT! Ordered on thursday :frowning:


Shirts $10. ZMA is $9. If I was less than 10 under, I'd rather get a supp.


I wouldn't be too piss if I put in an order a week ago, but last night I ordered a box of bars and now I could of order something else and got the bars for free. So, when is this offer expires? I might put another order just to get a free box.


I bought an HP Laptop for 949 ukp the week after xmas. Two days later they lowered it to 799. Now that was worth getting fucked off about.


I just ordered, I figure it's the cost of shipping. [No free shipping for international : (]

This is the first time I've had the money to order when one of these offers is up!


I ordered this morning before this graphic was posted. I sure hope somebody in fullfillment was having a good day and threw in a box. But since I wasn't asked to select a flavor, I'm not optimistic.


Yea, you're right, but my last order already had ZMA in it and I didn't really need it yet then. I now have 3 full bottles so I figgured that can wait 'till my next order.

Plus, my wife and I both like the shirts (just wish they'd get some size larges in the testosterone shirt, and the black shirt with the red "T" on it).


yea I placed my order at like 6:00 and I didn't see the ad then. now it's 11 and here it pops up! damn. maybe god'll shine down on me anyway.


I'm in the same boat. Ordered this morning, but no ad at that time.


That fucking sucks. Same shit happened to me when I bought my PC with my tax money. The next day it was on sale for cheaper.


I just got my $90 order today that I put in the end of last week. Just missed the bars damnit


I just did an order for $129, too. Damn. >.<


Thanks for letting me know guys! I have plenty of protein but I just ordered some more to get the free box! I LOOOOVVEEEEE those freakin bars. Might as well be packed and ready for the next few months.


@#$@&*$! This is the second $#!@% time this has happened to me, where a promotion on these damn bars is announced the day after I've placed an order! You guys are killing me!

(Ok, I've placed another order -- again! #$@!%$...)


Haha - I just ordered last night! Oh well... can't win every time.


Same here, freakin' sucks! (><) I ordered yesterday... easily could have ordered a few more things to clear $50... oh well...