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Free Martial Arts Mag


Called "Jissen" - it's free, and from the author Ian Abernethy. I just read through the Summer issue- and let me tell you, this is the shit. I'm very, very fucking impressed.

Download it here. http://westseattlekarate.com/resources/coollinks.html

It's right under his name, the second entry. Well worth the read. And its free.


cool thanks irish! you always deliver


Bump. For all those that didn't download this- DO IT! Won't regret it.


Nice, thanks!


this is very well done, especially for FREE. good call Irish.


I was shocked by how good it was.


Thanks for that Irish-

Although we here in australia have access to a brilliant MA mag (Blitz, if you ever get a chance to check out a copy!), it seems that lately the newstands have been over-run by MMA fanboy magazines.
So this is certainly a refreshing change.