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Free Lift Tracker for Android Phones UPDATE 9/27


UPDATE 9-27: 2.1 released
I've been working for the past month or so on a major update. Yesterday, I completed final testing and released the update. I've implemented several great ideas from users as well as some other features. This update features a complete user interface overhaul and code rewrite. Here are the major new additions aside from the UI overhaul:

  • Gestures - much like the navigation between home icon screens (swipe left and right), I've implemented gestures for quick navigation. For a complete list of gestures, check out the help -> gestures section within the app.

  • Daily Log - a new tab featuring your logging activity for a selected day. A complete history for each exercise and body stat is still present of course.

  • Install/Move to SD - enabled for phones that support installing and moving apps to the SD card. The app is small compared to other fitness apps, but I want to make sure users have a choice

  • Timed exercise support

I have many more features to implement. Now that this major update is out, development time for feature releases will be much quicker. I will released updates every 1-2 weeks (sooner if a bug is found). New screenshots are posted below.

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Some of you may remember me from a couple months ago. I mentioned I was developing an android app for lifters. I appreciated the helpful advice and feedback from the original thread (Thanks, samdan, Tatsu, theuofh, PonceDeLeon and kanew and the others that participated in the thread). Several posters mentioned some really excellent ideas and I've implemented them. The app is called LiftPro 2.0.

A quick overview:

-Track exercises
-Track body stats (measurements)
-View progress stats (graphs and stats)
-Set and complete goals
-The original Lift Tools from the previous version you all helped create in the old thread are included (ORM calculator, unit converter, plateloader, and a couple others)
-Back up your data to your SD card and restore from that back up in case you uninstall or something goes wrong with your phone

I'm adding updates just about every week so expect more on the way. It's totally free and I really appreciate any feedback/criticisms/features you'd like to see implemented.


Oh, forgot to add a QRCode so you won't have to manually search for it if you have a barcode scanner installed on your phone. Just open up your barcode scanner and scan this image on your monitor and it will take you to the LiftPro page in the Android Market.


Released an update yesterday that adds a minor feature to logging and fixes a couple minor bugs.

As of now I'm beginning to research what would need to go in to a nutrition tracker. I shouldn't have that hard of a time integrating some of that functionality in to LiftPro and I think it would really be helpful for a lot of folks. If anybody has some suggestions or some apps they use already and really like I would love the feedback.


looks awesome. too bad i have an iPhone.


Definitely going to check this out! Great work man


I think the main problem here is that you can't read.

Nice app, I'll d/l it later.


how so?


Thanks man. Let me know what you think if you get a chance. I'm getting close to releasing 2.1 which will add a few more helpful things if you want to check that out my site is http://www.kmdevpro.com/liftpro

Thanks for the feedback guys, don't hesitate to send feedback, criticisms, features you'd like to see, or even if you just have a problem with your phone.


Looks really interesting but unfortunately even using the barcode scanner i can't find it.

Is this because a new update is coming so the old has been removed?


If you're running Android 1.6 or below then it won't be available for you, unfortunately. Trying to support 1.6 ended up being a dead end and I didn't want 1.6 and below users to end up downloading an app that doesn't work correctly. If you're not running 1.6 or below, let me know which phone you're using and I'll see if I can't figure it out.

While I'm here, I just released another minor update today (2.02) which fixes a couple bugs and adds a Stopwatch tool to the tools section. Here's a screen shot of the stopwatch. It's barebones, but I plan to add extra functionality as I get time (laps, ect). I'll be adding a countdown timer soon as well.


I'm using a Samsung Galaxy and i'm really have no idea which version of Android i'm using. I guess its never really mattered as i've never bothered with apps until i saw this thread which caught my interest.

How would i go about finding out what version i have?


From what I've seen of it so far it looks like a pretty handy tool. My only complaint is that you can only have one muscle group per exercise. While it works just fine for something like curls or leg presses, it doesn't work so well for chins or military presses.


Awesome stuff.

If you put tutorials on your site, I will follow them through and give some feedback if you are interested.

I've played around with some development, but never any big projects.


That would be awesome! Let me know if you have any questions about the development process/code ect and I'll see what I can do to get an answer for you. If you have anything you'd like to see me make in to a tutorial let me know as well! Feel free to shoot me a message here, or e-mail me with the e-mail I have on the site

Good point. I'll see if I can't make that possible in the next major update (should be within a couple weeks to a month at the VERY latest).

If you go to your settings, there should be an option in the list called "About" or "About Phone" (something similar) and it will say which Android Version you have in there. If you're using the Galaxy, chances are you have 2.1 or higher which means it's very odd that you're having trouble finding the app. The only thing I can think if is maybe you're not in the Android Marketplace (maybe in your carriers marketplace? not sure).

If you still haven't find it by now, try going to http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.LiftPro and you can download it there.

For those that might not know about App Brain, it's a cool place that's like the Android Market place except that you can browse through it on your computer and download stuff there, backup your downloads and whatnot. It's a cool place.


Just released 2.03 which includes some bug fixes for the stats which should fix the issues with that. Also I've fixed the force close issues a few people were having in the logging section.

Added a better background to most of the sections and enlarged a lot of the buttons to make them easier to tap (already had the room set aside, so the layout isn't any more cramped).


Just released 2.04:

  • Bug fix from 2.03 for users who reported being kicked back to the Dashboard while logging
  • Added set deleting/re-ordering while editing log entry histories

Thanks for the heads up if you reported that bug or have contacted me with feedback. I really appreciate the support. I've got a lot more coming over the next month or two! If you've enjoyed the app so far, please take a couple seconds and rate it and leave a quick comment in the Android Marketplace.


And number 2


NEW screenshots


NEW screenshots


Another new screenshot