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Free Kindle Books


Kindle for PC (or ipad, iphone, or kindle) is a free program you can download onto your computer from amazon.com with which to read e-books that you can also download off of amazon. Any book that is out of print, which has been digitized, is free! You can put the whole thing in your library with one click and read it anywhere.

The problem is, if you do a search for "free kindle books" they bring you to some free ones, and quite a few "free kindle book" books, which they charge money for! So I thought it would be nice to create a place where we can find new titles for free.

Here's a list of the free ones I currently have in my library:
-The Book of Tea
-The Blue Fairy Book
-Wuthering Heights
-The Heist
-Hurricanes in Paradise
-Broken Wings (not good!)
-The Secret Garden
-Jane Eyre
-Beauty and the Beast
-The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
-The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
-Little Women
-On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or, the Preservation of Favored Races in the struggle for Life
-The Picture of Dorian Gray
-The Scarlet Letter
-The Velveteen Rabbit (made me cry like a baby upon re-read as an adult)
-White Fang

Please add your free kindle books to the list in this thread.


Pretty much anything out of copyright - pre-1923ish, I think - will be available for free, if it's been digitized.

I was looking at getting the Kindle Fire but I want it for books only and want the e-ink, so I might be getting the Touch 3G here in a couple months.


Get a fucking job.


I'm hoping for exact titles because sometimes I forget what books are even out there from pre-1923ish. I'd recommend going with the Touch 3G. I have it on my ipad, and I probably use it more than any program aside from the browser. That wouldn't be the case if this thing had flash!


Is that one of the free books you were able to download? :wink:


Yeah, it's by Fuck You.


I have the DX, I am happy I got the bigger screen.


Your productiveness is an inspiration to us all.


I have a folder on my computer with over 800 kindle books. A collection of bestsellers, new books, old books, etc...


I would consider buying a Kindle but I would never read a whole novel on my PC!

I still prefer paperbacks though. I'm even picky about that. At my bookstore they frequently will carry the UK edition as well as the US. I don't mean the spelling of the words...I mean the paper they use and the size of the print and everything. I just really don't like UK editions.



You're welcome 30,000 books in any ebook format.

Nards I was die hard paper copy only, but the nook especially is easy to read on the computer...you get used to it. Also having every book you own with you on your portable reader or phone is pretty damn nice.


Fought it and fought it - but too many people raved about the Kindle - it's not perfect by any means but with bundles of 20000 books available on pirate bay for free (proper boooks not out of copyright ones)and a damn easy reading experience, and one month battery, it's a no brainer for any traveller.


OMG! I love you!

I also have a bunch of friends who are dead-set against e-books but, as several pointed out, it's really nice to have a library of hundreds of novels that weighs 1lb and can go nearly anywhere. I still collect old physical books at home.


The only book with a copyright I downloaded for free was the second book in the Twilight Series and that was out of principle. Such books shouldn't be paid for. But, in general, I think authors deserve compensation.