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totally bored at home, no gym, no drinking, no basketball, not planning on doing any papers early and no xbox360 sooooo what are some good free internet games cause thats prob what im gonna spend the next hour or two doing


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That one is good, but i think whiteboard tower defense is more fun. More weapons variety, although there are no flying creeps.

Live, there are usually some pretty good games in the “what’s hot” section over at Might I recommend SuperStackers2?

DO NOT PLAY SUPER STACKERS 2…it has ruined my life…I have probably spent over 10 hours on that game in the last week…I beat all 40 levels on normal mode, and everyone but damn level 21 on bonus mode…that 1 level has almost destroyed me

^ Hahahah super stackers is awesome. But I have spent much more time playing desktop TD. All of these recommendations are great.

The Last Stand 2

and Warfare 1917

Two of my all times Favorites.

Also, check out, offer a lot of free games, mostly old school arcade games. You have to download their player, so I wouldn’t do this at work.

Helicopter game.

Deceptively difficult.

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Helicopter game.

Deceptively difficult.[/quote]

ive been playing the helicopter game since back in the day

SAS Zombie Assault

Bloons Tower Defense 3 (My favorite TD)***

Boxhead: Zombie Wars

Guns N Angel

2 player tower defense…very addicting…

Damn this thread. I just wasted like an hour and a half playing whiteboard tower defense. :-/

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Damn this thread. I just wasted like an hour and a half playing whiteboard tower defense. :-/[/quote]

Just an hour and a half? Count yourself lucky. Those fucking TD games will kill ya.

I’ll agree TD games are a great waste of time…

This isn’t bad for passing the time either. The first couple of levels are too easy but some of them require a fair bit of thought.