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Free Hand Training


hi everybody...

i would like to know if there are any free hand training routines out there...

i know that there is a search button, and i've used it along with manually browsing through the forums... but i cant seem to locate any free hand workout routines...

can someone please help me...?









how pathetic..

35 views + 0 replies..

please help..


Buy a bass guitar.


Search for the Diesel Crew through google. On their site you should find all sorts of grip training stuff.

Also, and this is not to be rude, but I think if you search for "grip training" you might get more results.

take care, and good luck,


thanks bro...


are you looking for

free "hand training" routines


"free hand" training routines


Or looking for grip strength training?


i want routines which only involve body weight.. like psuh-ups, pull-ups, free hand squats, hindu push-ups, lunges, etc...




Look for bodyweight exercises. Hand training sounds like you are looking for "gripper" training for you hands/fingers. Use the search engine here for bodyweight and you will find plenty of what you are looking for.


I'm not 100% sure, but I think you just posted a routine.

And I won't bore you with links to all the great programs that can be found on T-Nation with a simple SEARCH.

To be not quite so snarky,

I like the "completly criminal" exercise program by Ken Anders. A google search should yield several results. That's good for overall condititoning.

If you're looking for more "strength" oriented program, concentrate on dips, pullups/chinups, one-handed pushups, handstand pushups and one legged squats --rather than grinding out higher and higher reps of easier exercises.

Dan "I thought this was a grip training question." McVicker

(Edit: fixed split infinitive, word choice)


my grandfather calls it free hand, people now call it bodywieght

i think Train for Strength has some programs


Hey Iron Pounder when you have done your search, post your results in here of the bodyweight exercises you find, if there are any more that people can think of, we will add them.

There are PLENTY.


This is one by Ian King called death by bodyweight, his routines are usually pretty good. As the others have said try different words in the search engine for more results. Hope this helps


thanks a billion man... unfortunately.. he's only outlined the exercises.. not the routine...


I think that was the program pretty much... however you can look at http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459411
for some ideas of how to arange it. They give a good idea of what you need and you just decide on the exercises. Here is another one this is aimed at GPP more than specefic strength or growth but its pretty good.

here is an old thread with a guy who did bodyweigh exercises so you can get a little idea of what he did and peoples responses to it.

And finally a program that also explains alot of the different exercises.

Hope this helps.