Free Grow! Winner

Thanks to all who offered an arm training tip in the “Big Arms, Free Grow!” contest. Lots of good info in that thread.

The winner of two bottles of Grow! MRP is… kungfudude!

Congrats! We’ll mail this out today!

Lucky Bastard! are you Irish? :wink:

You dont need two tubs do you? Send me one.

Way to go, Ejoy.

Thanks a million. Cant wait to (finally) try it!

Oooooh, a Grow newbie! You’re going to freak when you taste it.

I just saw the shipping dude send your two bottles out the door. Congrats!

Oh YEAH!!!

I’m SO stoked man…can’t wait to try it…it’s probabally better than the stuff I normally drink, anyway.


So T-Maggers…do you really thing 21s are the best exercise for the arms?

I don’t know about you but I am not convinced. At best, it is a good isolation movement but not a great mass builder.

O well…enjoy your Grow dude.