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Free Gifts With Purchase?

Just want to know that I have already spent like 2-3 hundred$ this week on T-Nation supplements. Why T-Nation doesn’t give out free gift with my purchased? like T-shirt or Shaker bottle? Didn’t T-Nation used to give out free gifts?

Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t.

You have to catch them at the right time. But it would be nice to get a free gift if you spend X amount of dollars each time.

Biotest occasionally has special deals. A while ago they gave boxes of Metabolic Drive bars out with orders over $100. However, such things are sporadic, hence “special”.

Think of it like going to a brick+mortar store. If you buy a television, you do not expect to get a free DVD player. Same idea.

And to be snipey: $200 is not a large Biotest order.