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Free from my Friend

Ok so I have a friend who is going gear free so I got free gear, he decided rather than throw away the last of his gear he would give it to me, so this is what I got.

27 amps of Omnadren 250, a F load of Dbol, 75 Tamoxifen tabs and 10 Clomid 50mg tabs PCT
So If you had this set up how would you set it up?

So Far I have it as Omnadren 250 weekly, DBol daily, Tamoxifen Daily starting a 1 week in and 1/2 Clomid daily as PCT.

I have done 2 cycles previously but they were 10 years ago and were set up for me by a roommate, I don’t want this “set up” for me but a little advice to see if I’m in the right direction,this will help me set up another cycle if I decide to keep on with this.

You would be better off running an AI during the cycle rather then a SERM. Pretty easy to get through a research chem site. You have more then enough test to run a typical 500mg weekly cycle with a dbol kickstart. What dose are the tamoxifen tabs? And check out the stickies at the top, they will answer all your question.

Search for “sustanon + dbol cycle”

Plenty of threads on the topic.

After some reading you will have some more specific questions, post those questions.

250mg/wk of test isnt enough to bother with in my opinion.

When you start getting into multi-estered tests it starts getting difficult to split the dosage right. I recently did 750mg/wk of Sustanon to keep it easy (3 inj/wk of 1ml/250mg). I would look into 2(at the BARE MINIMUM) to 3 injections per week to keep blood levels more stable and lessen side effects and up the dosage to 500.

Try to put together a complete cycle w/ PCT and you can get it critiqued. Also I would make sure your diet is in check before starting this cycle.


I use 100mg a day of omnas when i use them personally. Just because it is is an amp of X-amount doesnt mean it needs to be used all at once - i agree is is supposed to be by design however, “but i am a bodybuilder Jim, not a doctor!”

You could do the following(that was the first and last star trek quote you’ll ever hear):

Inject Omnas daily over 70 days at a dose of 90mg(0.35ml) with the first day a dose of 530mg (2.1ml)
This would frontload to achieve peak levels for the full 70 days from day 1, and give you a nice 630mg/wk cycle.


Inject Omnas daily over 50 days at a dose of 125mg(0.5ml) with the first day a dose of 625mg(2.5ml).
This would frontload to achieve stable peak levels for the full 70 days and give you a 875mg/wk cycle.

As for the dianabol - in english a “F-Load” amount is not a recognised term of volume, measurement or weight so i dont know how many you have. I assume it is a lot - good for you. 30mg is generally accepted for between 4 and no longer than 6 weeks
I would use the nolvadex as your PCT doing a 40/40/20/20 and it wouldnt hurt to use the clomid between the last shot of test and the the beginning of the PCT - as you will need to wait at LEAST 2 weeks before trying to regain natural test levels with the test so high in yout system still.

Before you start - oh, you did already? so WTF are you asking here for? - get an AI from somewhere, research chemical grade is fine.
There are not many men on this planet that can use those dosages of test and dianabol and survive on just low dose SERM.

This is why gyno is such a prevalent side effect in novice users and i wouldnt be surprised if your friend got swollen nipples, decided not to use anymore as he scared the shit out of himself, and gave the evil, bastardo, dirty, rotten problematic drugs to you.
Or he is just a lovely guy who buys all the equipment, decides not to use it for some unknown reason, decides not to sell it - but to get rid of it ASAP - in a panic type move it seems.

but what do i know?