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Free Food on a Bulk


Obviously everyone loves free food...Generally, when I buy my own food, I eat pretty healthily, i.e. no refined carbs/sugar, lots of fruit, veg, meat etc.

However often in my office, people bring in cakes and stuff for their birthday, half of me thinks, its not good for you, don't eat it. The other half thinks, its free and you work hard to eat huge amounts everyday, so why not take advantage.

Obviously, come the summer months, I will be avoiding sugarry crap, but when I'm trying to gain weight I am genuinely not sure...what does everyone else do?


I'd say go for it if you can throw in some protein as well. Cake + protein shake = happy bulker.


The other night my apartment complex had a concert/open mike night for everybody that lives in the complex. It was also somewhat catered

I put away 24 inches of Subway, 2 bowls of meatballs, and half a 2 liter of Diet Coke.

Also did 2 sets with the acoustic guitar, but thats besides the point.

I work hard, in the gym and at work, and currently a poor(ish) college student, if somebody wants to offer me a free meal, i usually take advantage of it.

But when the bosses bring in Doughnuts at work i kindly say no thanks, that really doesnt have a place in diet.


I've been there, around the holidays or people's bday it's like a bakery around here.

After a few attempts; and a few refusals, people here know that I eat healthy.

If your bulking and don't care about fat gain, enjoy the sweets. If you are careful about fat gain, fuggetaboutit.




Interesting, obviously I would never buy that stuff myself, but I have a hard time turning down free food!

I think in the future it will probably turn down the cakes etc, as I don't even like them particularly, but anything free and protein based is mine!


its hard to justify free candy and donuts and that kind of crap when your seroius about your bodybuilding goals. Post-workout sure Ill have some refined sugar but to randomly eat a cookies and cakes i think about it long and hard before I eat it. But fuck, if the poor saps bring in some subway its fair game baby!


I can't even eat cake if I wanted to. I always tell my mom to not even worry about making me cake for my birthday b/c I wont eat it.

Usually whenever I look at a food I mentally picture myself getting more muscular or fatter. With cake I just see my love handles growing exponentially so I stay away.

Not worth it even if its free IMO.


yea same, i try not to, its got to have some kind of a benefit and cake has none haha