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Free Educational Resources? List em.


I'm talking about sites like


One-man show. Free information. Probably doing everything from his living room.

The site is unbelievably rich with information and I really hope the guy gains more popularity.

What have you got for me? I want to honor those people who keep sites like the one above going.


Not a one man show, but free online courses from MIT.



Google is a better educational resource than all the universities in the world combined as far as I'm concerned.


Project Guttenberg
The Library


A good educator or education tool will make the main points concise and appealing, and encourage one to further their education by any means necessary.

Google has the info, but many cannot focus when so much info is 'scattered' in random places, even if it is there.






I will second this. They even have video lectures for some courses.


a lil yale open class website



Websites to visit on my spare time :slightly_smiling: