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Free Curl to Preacher Curls Tale

I had one of those humbling moments last week - one of those moments of clarity that are too rare…

My bicept growth has stagnanted the past few months. I reduced the dumbbell weight to increase reps, I added weight and reduced reps, I rested, I did all I could. even went back to s-bar curls, which almost always give me sore wrists for days…

Then I remmbered the preacher curl. Right, I warm up, I grab my usual dumbell curl weight, decide to lower it 5 kilos, lean in, steady the elbow and … almost impossible to move.

Long story short, on the precher I am curling exactly half of my dub-barbell weight as when I did it free standing.

I never realized - this is the clarity - how much “english” or cheating I’ve been doing for the past year…

It’s humbling being down to half my previous curl weight, but now at least I can expect bicept growth… (instead of extra front delt assistance growth :wink: )

I had to share!

Good times!! Sneaky how those bad habits creep into routines sometimes. Congrats on realizing it and addressing it directly. And I won’t even rain on your parade and ask why you’re doing curls instead of chins. :wink: