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Free Books on Lifting for UK Folks

I’ve been sorting through my bookshelves in readyness for moving and have found some books on lifting I no longer require. I could probably sell them on ebay, but I would rather give them away for free (as long as my postage is covered) preferably to anyone just starting out. If anyone is interested PM me and I will weigh the book and work out the postage costs using ebay’s postage calculator. Once I receive your cheque I will post them straight out.

Preference will go to over35 forum members.

Looked into postage costs to the US and Canada, but I think the cost would be prohibitive, but if anyone is interested and can find cheap enough postage to make it worthwhile to them then let me know.

Explosive power and strength. Complex training for maximum results (Donald A Chu, PHD)

Beyond Brawn (Stuart McRobert)

Explosive lifting for sports (Harvey Newton)

Powerlifting (Barney Groves, PHD)

Power to the people (Pavel Tsatsouline)

Power. A scientific approach. (Fred Hatfield)

Encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding (Arnold Schwarzenegger)