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Free Belt to Good Home


Okay I have an Inzer lever belt, 13mm if I remember correctly.

I hate it. I am always going to hate.

So if anyone wants it let me know. I'm sure someone will give it all the love and care it deserves.

Its almost brand new with no wear at all. (Because I hate it)

Anyway if anyone wants it either post here or PM me.

Link to belt type.



^ Why do you hate it?


It's so think I feel like I'm cutting my self in half. Its possible I I'm just an idiot but I have a perfectly fine belt and lever one is just sitting around collecting dust.


Dang that's too bad, I love my lever belt.


I love my lever too. But I got a tapered because the 13mm was too much for me.

Joe: post it for sale. I think USAPL has a section on their site. Maybe even PLing Watch.


I'm not really motivated enough to sell it and I don't really care about the money. If anybody at my gym would use it I'd hand it off there but it doesn't seem to help with curls.


what size?


I'd be interested too depending on the size. I'm definitely NOT going to fight Pete for it though...lol...



It's a large I believe.


A large fits me. I'll take it if it doesn't fit Pete.



I can do a large, but ya know, James its all yours, I have a single prong large I can use as well.


Id fight Pete for it.

I think the laugh and drink after would be worth it.
but Im a small so its not gonna fit.

while we are talking belts-
I have been doing better wearing it looser and getting some big air


Okay somebody PM me and I'll get this thing shipped out.


Joe, I'd take the belt but a large would be way too big. I'm more of a small-medium. And I'd fight Pete and James both at once.


I double checked and it is the large which should fit a 34-38 inch waist.


PM sent.