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Free at Last - Finished High School


Today was my last day of high school and 13 years of public school. This is wonderful, I can finally move on with my life.


LMAO. Yes, you are truly free. Now go find a JOB that you are required to work at 40 hours per week.


Congratulations and enjoy that freedom until the next prison sentence!



Enjoy the brief sense of freedom. Depending on how rich your mommy and daddy are this is only the beginning


HAHAHA Freedom.......LMAO. Youngster, if you are the responsible type, you will ultimately yearn for the old "Freedom" days in HS gave you...trust me.

Congrats on graduating. You are among the elite 67% of kids who do graduate.


Dude.. high school is great. Or at least better than having real responsibilities.


Yes, yes... freedom.
Well, take advantage of having a supportive family while you still can (if you can), if you're going to college study hard and have fun!


HS sucks, college is where it's at.


Freedom? More like welcome to the real world unless you freeload it off your parents for awhile.


I'm only 21, but I walked by a High School today and started feeling all nostalgic.

And it wasn't even my High School.




Congrats ... Now get a job and stop moochin off of your parents and/or society ya bum


Hahahaha, dude...........

Seriously though what are your plans?

I remember when I graduated I had my life planned out in front of me, it was going to be great!

Now 1 scholarship, 3 colleges and a year in the infantry later I have no idea what my life is going to bring, lol.