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Free Airfare Anyone?

Hey all,

I spent the better part of my Saturday ravaging the dumpsters of every Wendy’s in a 10 mile radius.

Why you ask? Well, I earned two free round trips on Air Tran Airways. Wendy’s has a contest whereby you clip the coupons off the cups you get when ordering a combo, and if you get thirty-two coupons, you send them in for the airfare prize.

Trust me, if you decide to undertake this endeavor you will rifle through some of the most heinous shit imaginable. Additionally, you will more than likely never eat at Wendys again. However, given the direction that airfare prices have taken, I was more than happy to dig through a little garbage for the reward.

We even got permission from the managers prior to going in the dumpsters. The real irony of the whole situation is that if I had been a hobo looking for food I guarantee the managers would tell me to fuck off or they’d call the police… but I digress. Happy dumpster diving everyone!


I don’t get it. Why not drop $30 on on 32 cups?

[quote]doogie wrote:
I don’t get it. Why not drop $30 on on 32 cups?[/quote]

yeah no crap…

if i remember correctly, 32 coupons gets you a single, one way ticket? 64 gets you a round trip. you could probably buy a ticket on air trans for $64 if you shop around hard enough.