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Fred Hatfield, aka Dr. Squat, Death

Just saw on Ed Coan and Jailhouse Strong’s Instagram that Hatfield has just passed away. Very very unfortunate considering all he has done for the fitness world and especially powerlifting.

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One of my biggest influences when it comes to training.

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That’s a shame. Dude was one of the smartest trainers around.

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:anguished: RIP Doctor Squat :cry:

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Definitely upsetting.

He influenced a ton of trainers with his work over the years, some realize it and some don’t.

Way back when, I got certified through the ISSA (the organization he co-founded), so I’m lucky to literally have the textbook he helped write. Along with a VHS tape of him giving a 3-hour seminar, ha.

Later today, I say we all hit a set of squats for the Doc.