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Freaky Science Discovery


Anybody ever wanted to be like Wolverine from the X-men?


That's right, mouse parts that grow back. Holy crap.




As Bill Nye would say: "Science rules!"


It sounds like a Nobel-winning discovery. Unfortunately, we'll never be able to enjoy it. When they finally work out how to apply to humans, the procedure will cost an arm and a leg and will only be affordable for the rich.

Please Note: There was no pun intended in this post.


Man you must hate the rich. (Green eyed monster?)

Anyway if you only cater to the rich, you cannot make money. Just like MRI's, it will be covered by insurance, and available to everyone, just like MRI?s are, but it would be a lot cheaper then continuous care to the point that I would think insurance companies would actually push this on people.


I can already see the spam emails:

"Re-Gr0w a B1gger D1ck Qu1ck: 10 1nches Garanteed!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Let's say you lose a leg. How useful would it really be to replace it with a newly grown mouse leg?

Would it affect your squat?


Sure, they're an easy target.


At the point that this gets implemented, Pookie, they'll probably have discovered neo-steroids that'll work overnight.


Don`t worry about it. Some Ethics committee somewhere will make sure this stuff never gets used. Guaranteed. And I hope the future proves me wrong on this one.


Did you know that...now you know!



(Composes self)

"Inertia is a property of matter"




LOL, from the article... ?It is quite remarkable. The only organ that did not grow back was the brain