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Freaky hips

I’ve got a problem. I’ve been stretching after training but my ability to do the side splits is really bad. I’m not sure that it’s the exercises I’m doing. More likely that my posture or hip alignment is screwy. I can only get my legs 4’ apart and I’m 6’ 2". That and the pain in my knees gets really unbearable. It effects alot of my training (running, squats, deadlifts) and it’s starting to get me down. Does anyone else get this?

Well it could just be that you dont have the flexiblity in your hips to do the splitz! Before doing the stretch, strech out your haamstring, quad and hip erally well. Hold those for 30-60 seconds each, and then try the splitz. Only go as far as you can in the splitz that allows you to keep your hips squared, and keep both your back and front leg straight, don’t let your knees turn in or out. Hold it for a while.
For running deadlifts, doing the splitz is not really necessary. There are other stretches for these activies that would probably be more beneficial than the splitz, esp. if your not very flexible to begin with.

Thanks for the advice kookymonster. I’ve been warming up with other leg exercises before i try the splits and although I’m not getting any extra stretch my knees are nowhere near as sore. Cheers.