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Freaky Growth


What the hell is this guy on!!


Damn this sounds really good but the guy whos been using his own material looks to me like a lying bast*rd. Cummon guys i know its too good to be true and sounds like common bullsh!t to me but is there anything that will increase the distance between the anabolic and catabolic states?

Nice one, enjoy :slightly_smiling:


Spam. and just a poor attmept at it.

Those are some of the worst looking "bodybuilders" ever


Please refer to below:



I don't think yous fully understood the whole point of my post. Is there any way to increase the distance between anabolic and catabolic states? Theres gotta be some science behind it, even if it is spam :wink:


The guys name is Wade McNutt for fuck sake!!!

You you buy anything from someone called Wade McNutt???


Porn name of the day...


haha nice. Course i wouldn't buy this stuff even if i had money to burn! Just wondering if there is science behind it because if there is this could be a scientific breakthrough :S


Why do you waste your time asking these types of questions? And looking at those types of adds?


why would someone try to sell a product called freaky big yet the pictures that they are trying to persuade me with are those pencil necks?


There isn't and no, it isn't.


They should remarket it as freaky small.


You can tell right away from looking at it that its bullcrap. Its in the way they highlight, bold and colour certain words and phrases in the text, throw in loads of testimonials etc.

Its the web version of an shopping channel infomercial.