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Freaky Biceps


Looks like someone photoshopped this dude's head onto his body.


you gotta be shittin me!


LoL too heavy on the synthol there. Valentino in the making.


I hope no one thinks that was built from heavy weights.


Did you see the pencil neck on that dude with freaky traps, I think I smell BULLSHIT.


His neck is smaller than mine, pathetic.


"what a first class cunt he looks like he has some kind of cancer tumors, the synthol using cunt "


I want to know if he thinks that looks attractive to anyone other than himself.


thats just disgusting. his anterior deltoid has more of a peak than most guys' biceps.


Great...another bag of oil putting BB'ing to shame


Nah roidz+high rep of doom did that.




I just know there is some newb out there who can't tell the difference because all big muscles look strange to them.

I'll say it once again, if you EVER see some guy with tiny forearms and HUGE upper arms, they either built nearly ALL of their size through drug use or there is synthol use somewhere.

It takes strong forearms to build really strong impressive biceps. It also takes a strong neck to build the proportions this guy is pretending to have so that is another sign as well.

Your body grows as a whole as well as in parts. There will be few humans to ever walk the planet who have some gigantic overgrown muscle group that somehow leaves all others behind.


I understand the correlation between tiny forearms and synthol use, but why wouldn't one's forearms grow through steroid use? Wouldn't the steroids have an effect everywhere?


No one said NO growth occurs, however, most people do not even train forearms directly...especially the types of guys who jump into steroid use early out the gate. These are usually the "curl&bench" crowd. It takes stronger/bigger forearms than average to help someone curl over 85lbs with one hand....a weight that pretty much guarantees the owner will have impressive arm development. I would expect someone using steroids from day one to be much weaker in regards to development experiencing growth that doesn't match tendon strength which is another reason anabolic users experience tears at a greater rate.

Think about it, does the type of person who would do what the guy did in that video strike you as someone who works really hard or someone who looks for the easy way out? Which one do you think will have complete balanced development after years of training?


I have a problem with the thread title....... ''Freaky Biceps''................ should be "Fuckin Loser"


Those things looked like they could burst at any moment...yuck...


I read somewhere that AAS tends to have a smaller effect on muscles like the forearms and calves compared to others like the upper arms muscles and chest


another Greg Valentino LOL


pretty unimpressive display of strength there