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Freaking Out. Needle Broke Off in Me?!

I just did my morning injection…the needle seemed flimsy (bending). I pressed harder… it seemed like it went in…I was injecting… the plunger made a snap sound and the flat plunger end sunk in … I take the needle out but nothing was there??

I’m HOPING the needle just fell out as I was pulling it out OR as it was bending it sprung out to the side…but I cant find it ANYWHERE!

Needless to say I’m freaking tf out… I dont “feel” anything in me… but who knows if that means anything

What size needle?

So ER? Yes ER.


.5mm x 25mm. 25G

Dont play with it too much. My ex wife got a sewing needle in her shoulder that was left in our bed and during the night it got pushed in then there was like a pimple looking thing and when she realized something was in there she went to the ER and a nurse dug around and pushed it into the muscle so now the only was to get it out would be surgery and she is also havinflg other health issues that require and MRI which cant be done now so get that checked asap and ask for an x-ray before anyone starts trying to dig it out.

Ugh…I cant afford to go anywhere thanks to getting raped in my divorce

Then go to the pharmacy and buy some drawing ointment. This will soften the skin around the site of the wound, this will allow the muscle to push it out. It works on splinters so may very well work on that, if indeed it is in there.

Do you have a magnet? That might at least tell you if its there, not likely to pull it out though…

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Metal detector?

Go to
Er. Don’t
F around here.

Needle was most likey sterile. You can try a dermatologist. They can do minor surgery and cut to get it out if need be.
But like said above be careful you don’t want then digging at the muscle. Always research Dr you go to. Go to the best.

Also you say you can’t pay. Er may be best. In USA they have to take you.
Daughter had nasty splinter in foot. Podiatrist dug it out.

Hmmm… some type of metal detector would work? I’m at work now, maybe they have something around here.

I borrowed a magnet from someone (well, it’s MINE now…he didnt want it back after telling him I was going to he using it on my butt lol). I dont think I felt anything… BUT…who says it is definitely magnetic. Or maybe it is so thin that I wouldnt feel it

Go to an ER and send them $1 a month when the Bill comes

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RELAX, it sounds like a retractable needle. … do you have severe pain in the site? If not, you are probably good.

Inspect the syringe, the needle will be near the bottom, and there will likely be a spring inside the syringe portion. What you described is exactly what a retractable needle does… The plunger depresses and the needle retracts into the syringe.


You would FEEL that motherfucker in there a 1 inch 25 G needle, you would be hurting. Its far more likely the needle retracted, but if it ISNT in the syringe, then maybe check the floor also, then I would seek help.

You need to secure the needle to the body of the syringe before use, twist needle in clockwise direction to secure it to the body of the syringe.

I make it easy on myself, I use 29G insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads. I’m over 30% BF, no problems.

Sounds like he thinks the needle snapped off where it travels through the plastic piece it connects to.

You would be suprissed my exwife has a sewing needle in her shoulder and she just thought the wound was a pimple for a week until she noticed the metal slightly visible while messing with it. A medical assistant or nurse sliced it open and must have ran the scalpel over it pushing it into the muscle which ended up sealing back around it. Now its ecapsulated in the muscle

Why don’t you see if it’s magentic and use a heavy magnet.

just go to the ER and they will bill you later. Stop being sorry for yourself… if there is a will there is a way.

So what ended up happening? Was it a retractable needle or did you have to have it removed?