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Freaking Myself Out About Progress

I understand that 531 has built in to it the workload that leads to not stalling. Yet every week except the de-load week I freak out as I step up to the bar to punt out some reps at a weight I have never been able to lift before.

I get apprehensive and attitude seems to matter. If I go in with a “F the world” vibe I seem to hit my reps. Last night however I let doubt creep in and only just pushed out the last rep.

Better rest, more food, better attitude required. I love and hate the progression.

Lower you TM to 90% of its current value. Dial back your dramatic theatre level to about 40%. Problem solved.


Having a rep goal that is going to be a challenge is a good thing IMO. Visualise success going in, remind yourself that you have put the work in and be aggressive (for whatever aggressive means to you).

Confidence will come with success and success will come from good habits.

Alot of the lifting game is mental. I sometimes get nervous and feel like I don’t wanna do the lift, so I fail.

If I put in some hard trap music, look at the bar for a minute like I will lift that motherfucker trough the roof, I’ll hit the lift.

Did you have a question, or is this more of a diary post?


I guess I was just trying to find out if I’m the only one who’s like this. If so I’m just need to suck it up.

Last night I had a coffee, put the music on loud and squeezed out another Squat PR. It’s f’ing stressful. Deload week now so I can regroup.

Dear diary…

Is it possible you have some sort of undiagnosed anxiety disorder?

Do you find you experience this same sensation in stressful situations, such as driving?

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Do you have a job/family? Maybe you don’t have much else in your life to occupy your thoughts, so you are over-focused on 531 and letting it upset you. Another option is just to run 5’s PRO so you don’t have PR sets to stress you out.