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Freaking Gross. Cut My Hand, Fat Coming Out


I just gave myself a small cut on my hand from some glass stuck in a wall. Its about the size of a paper cut not bleeding too much. Then I start to see what looks like a yellow booger poking out of the cut, and when I push near the cut, the "booger" wants to poke out like it is about to pop or shoot out. So I washed it off, and notice that the skin is completely come through and this booger thing was actually a one of about 5 booger sized peices of fat that's trying to escape from my hand.

Well, i'm grossed out, but I'm still going out for steak tonite



That's puss.






Probably not.




This thread is useless without pics


oh plz no


You do understand that the term "cutting weight" is not literal yes?




I strongly concur.


Blow your hand?


Did you get little shards of glass stuck in there or some wall dust or something? Soak it in some hot water w/ maybe some epsom salt then squeeze it a bit to see if it will come out.

I too would like to see some pics.


The pics really wont be impressive at all as it wasn't bleeding and closed up pretty quickly.

Apparantly once all the layers of skin are cut through, the little pale yellow fat globs which look like insect eggs live in a little cavity in my hand. and I saw 3 or 4 of em slightly smaller than a grain of rice.


Nazis don't deserve pics. Shut the hell up.


reminds me of a youtube vid I saw once of a guy with some fat buildup in his shoulder, don't know what it's called. It looks like a zid but I think it's something else. Anyway, his friend cuts it open with a knife and the result is not pretty. I would post the link but I don't have access to youtube at work, unfortunately :frowning: So maybe someone else can be so kind?

Viewer discretion is advised :slightly_smiling:


I think you're talking about a cyst. I've seen the video you mentioned, it's pretty gross.


Oh....here's a little anatomy lesson for y'all. Apparantly, your fat is not just spread out, like a big peice o of butter....it's actually a bunch of little insect egg sized peices stuck together.

Oh and i've dissected some really fat cats and dogs before, and they've had some of these stuck together fat globs the size of a fist in it's "potbelly" so i guess they can get bigger if you do.


Bot Flyes anyone?


Yay, Fat Cell Theory