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Freakin Back is Making me Angry



So recently after some decent weight loss throughout last year I decided to step it up this year and do more of a total workout.

Where last year I survived and thrived on a staple of squats, lunges, kettle/dumbell swings, deadlifts and bench lifts only, These last few months I wanted do some arm work (an area that I normally don't need to do anything with) and work on finer upper back and chest movements to really bring out a better body balance.

But something has happened and my lower back is fskin killing me, what the hell happened, last year I didn't have any problems with my lumbar and yet I worked it HEAVILY, I still do that routine but now it seems adding some simple rowing, curling and pressing exercises have taken me out.....

How do I fix it, what did I do wrong?

This is what I get for doing upper body work!!


Are you been doing heavier deadlifts or something similar to compensate for not doing all the other work?


I also have problems with my lower back... when i sleep on the couch or wear shitty shoes


I don't know whats wrong with me, but I have a serious little tweak in my upper buack on the right side. I just suck it up and lift though. Probably not good but I really love working out my back haha.


I haven't actually given up doing my original program from last year I've just added the upper body stuff to it. But I'm not trying to build/gain lower just sustain it my routine now looks like:
mon quad/hams (squat day)
tues bi/tri
wed swings
thur calf/lumbar (dead day)
fri chest/back
sat misc (normally shoulders, forearms, abs, etc you know the shitty muscles lol)
sun off


hrm shoes.... that might be a hint, the last few session I've done back in the gym... last year predominantly I've worked out at home, good ol bare foot squats for me, but at the gym I'm wearing some super inner sole support shoes..
I'll play with that.


I suppose it depends on the pain, muscular tweaks on lats and deltoids I can handle, anything near the spinal chord and supportive I hate messing with, I always laughed at back pain until I slipped a disc a few years back....after that I wouldn't wish a slipped disc on anybody.


I don't understand if you injured yourself or if you are talking about soreness? But it sounds like you are realizing how important the lower back's role plays in all aspects of lifting. I don't think you did anything wrong besides adding more wear on your lower back and increasing the weekly workload and strain under pressure.


I would bet anything that you have an imbalance that originates from a restricted psoas/hip region. If you haven't heard of active release it might be the best thing ever. It costs anywhere from $40-$50 per session but most insurance covers it. It is virtually deep tissue massage while moving through range of motion.

If you're not severely imbalanced, you probably only need 4-5 sessions. Completely worth it. Most practicioners are also chiropractors and have a wealth of knowledge. You will feel a world of difference in flexibilty and strength.