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Freakiest Veins


This dude's vein looks like it's about to explode.


yeah that guy is deffinetely a freak i dont know whats more crazy is veins or bicep peak


Freaking freak. Though I'm still a patriot when it comes to vascularity..


holy shit. That's gross, in the best way possible.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2lfc43L7FI ...don't forget about Freakenstein


Crazy....he looks like a roadmap!


I was going to say that Op's guy has some great vascularity but it's nothing compared to johnny lantos


how the fuck do you even get that vascular? my vascularity outside of my forearms SUCKS! but then again im a fat mess right now.


Some vascularity comes with muscle maturity/years training, but it is mostly genetic. I certainly have veins at my current level of bodyfat that I did not have years ago at the same level of bodyfat, but nothing freaky. Dieting down obviously helps as well.

  1. Why the hell would anyone pose to that song (talking about the Dillett clip)
  2. Did anyone click on the "coleman blasphemes god" video that was on the same page as the dillett vid? lol


Yeah, didn't you know RC was a sorceror?


Ya dood I went to that guys youtube channel, he's a nut.


damn i knew it. those guys dont have good genetics

THEYRE SORCERERORZORZ ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !