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Freaked Out!


ok, i know that without a pic this is prolly a little tuff, but anyway i recently purchased a Taylor Body Fat Analyzer. this thing is telling me im 36.7% bf. i have redone the setup several times and still get the same thing. btw this unit uses BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) for the measurement. now here are my measurements,
neck 18"
chest 47"
waist 1" below belly button 43"
upper arm 14"
thigh 24.5"
height 6' 1"
wieght 230
i really dont think im 36.5% bf or my doctor would have unloaded on me big time. he did say i could stand to loose a few pounds. but he also said i am in pretty good shape for a middle aged guy. and my chiro says that i have extremely good muscle tone. i know that they both are comparing me to the average, and most of us here arent average (normal?).

anyway can anyone tell me is this unit a hunk of junk or are these type of analyzers any good, whats going on here? oh yeah and my blood pressure is pretty much normal. thanks all.


Dude, sorry to break it to you. But at 6'1" with a 14" upper arm, a 43" waist and a weight of 230 lbs, I can easily believe your bf %. You have some work to do. Maybe this is the reality slap you need to get in shape. Trust me, I was there a 5-6 years ago and reality is not fun sometimes.




Yet another example that chiro's don't know anything. 43 inch waist and he says you have extremely good muscle tone?


Impedance analyzers are notoriously inaccurate for quantitative measurements. You can still use it to see if you are making progress, if you measure weekly under identical conditions.
Based on your measurements I'd say you're closer to 30%. But don't get hung up on those numbers, focus on diet and lifting.


Right. BIA isn't the most accurate, but it will still show a trend.


I agree - I'm at about 15% body fat. I weigh the same as you, one inch shorter, 50" chest and a 36" waist and 18" arms.

Believe it man, you is fat, and your Chiro doesn't know what muscle tone is.


well shit, i knew i wasnt in the best of shape but dam, thats almost depressing. time to really get with the program.
hey and thanks for the responses guyz.


hey, you know what else is kinda funny? i wear 34x34 jeans, not squeezed in. the tape at 1" below my belly mutton said 43. get it? 34 / 43? yuk yuk yuk...seriously, thats for real.


Just as a warning I was just reading something that waste measurments are one of the best indicators of weight related health problems