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Freak Synthol[+Brazil][+35 inches]


made me feel ashamed of my country and that retarded.

Hey at least he reached 35 inches, Branch BEWARE!


Looks like he lost 100lbs of weight but he didnt lose any from his arms. That or tumors.


Looks like he could do lat raises, flys, rear-delt flys and front raises without anything in his hands and still hit his shoulders/chest pretty good.


I think somebody posted awhile ago that that guy died from doing that.


Great...reverse liposuction.


Well, it's not like he didn't have it coming.

Idiots like this give everyone in the industry a bad name, steroids or not.


An infection from injecting POUNDS of oil (that I imagine wasn't sterile in the least)?!?

No wai!

Fuck him. Stupidity/ignorance should have a cost more often.

Natural selection has been doing a shitty job lately.


I'm pretty sure the one they posted was a different one. It was furlan biceps or something on youtube.

Gee that's because you guys have never seen the BLACK ADE HULK


Maybe he died whilst planking.


Synthol bad points:

  • Muscles look fucking stupid.

  • Infection and death or infection and intravenous antibiotics and pus draining.

  • Pulmonary embolisms and death or pulmonary embolisms and blood thinning medication/risky surgery.

  • Stroke and death or stroke and paralysis/brain damage.

Synthol good points:



On the bright side, he would win any argument with Prof.X.

X: Are you saying that men did go to the moon? What the hell do you know about that? How big are your arms to give you the right to say something like that?
Synthol guy: 35 inches!
X: insert ok meme face

Man, I'm gonna get flamed for this one.......


Com essa avatar, não vais ser flamado de certeza.. :wink:




LOL!... at the idea that he could plank... and LOL at the choice of "whilst".


Yep...Professor X would have a point! Are your arm bigger than his? No! Then sorry, you lose.


Yup I did.


More Synthol stupidity.


That's freaky...

I was hoping his biceps would burst but that didn't happen...damn.


and all those monkeys are brazilian =(


I can't understand one thing... why would you inject a few pounds of oil, knowing you will be laughed at because someone who's less than half your size can lift more? (heck, with even better form...)