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Freak Shaving Accident



What the hell


See, never shave in the gym goddamnit.


close call for the hoff. good thing, would be a pity to lose such an icon!


i was once showering in a basement shower when the mega-econo shampoo bottle fell from the windowsill and snapped off the ceramic handle-thing from the soap dish tiled into the wall. half of that handle formed the perfect prison shank and stuck itself about 1/4 inch into my calf. lots of blood.


Oh ya, tragic loss.

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Metro star David Hasselhoff suffer from a shaving accident. Fortunately his leg stopped bleeding soon after, without affecting his rugged good looks. His doctor, a famous gynecologist, says he's out of danger.


A chandelier in the shower? How pretentious is that. Whaaa!!! I cut my melon!!! Whaaa!!! Too funny.


Freak shaving accident? Hardly. I thought the fucker cut his head off.