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freak injury

Im in the backyard taking some before and after pics. I hit a rear double biceps, im holding it and flexing the entire back area when I hear and feel a strange ?pop.? My upper back area somewhere in the lower trap/rhomboid area totally tweeked. It sounded like a crunching noise. Like you hear when the chiro cracks you back. Now, I cant turn my head to the left side, makes it kinda hard to drive. it hurts pretty bad, if i move my head to the left in any way. Anyways I immediately iced it, and have continued to do so. Im also taking ibuprofren. I hope it goes away with r.i.c.e., in a few days. If not im screwed, no insurance. Has anyone ever heard of something like this happening? Any ideas or tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

Like you said, you probably just tweaked it. I did that to my shoulder a month a go… it was sort of tight so I did the whole move your arm in a big circle thing. My shoulder had a pop or crunching noise and hurt for about 5 days thereafter. Didn’t really affect any workouts though. Just sore. I was going heavy on bench and weighted dips at the time, so that may have had something to do with it.