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Freak Accident Left Lindsay Lohan in Stitches



Oh really? Thats upsetting.



she certainly is on the way to making herself completely unattractive in no time flat.. . farrah fawcett at least spent the better part of a decade working on that. ..


Too bad it was her leg rather than her neck.


In other news I stubbed my toe this morning ... but I rested it, iced it, compressed it and elevated it, so it's ok now


Why does the word Freak seem particularly fitting in the title?

O.K. Off to wash my mouth with soap now.


That is the least-believable story I've heard in a while. I wonder if she'll get an Oscar nomination for best original script: The Teacup of Death.


Breakfasting? I breakfast, you breakfast, he, she or it breakfasts?

"Hey, Bob, have you 'breakfasted' yet?"

"Naw, man. I am 'lunching' right now so I'll hook up with you later when we 'dinner'."

Making up verbs just leads to fruitiness.




I don't know about you guys but I dry off when I get out of the shower. I don't walk around dripping wet while breakfasting with friends and jumping up and down on teacups.

I think she and good old Bryan Adams were making a sex tape... :slight_smile:


This was my favorite line:

"She and her friends were preparing breakfast, with eggs and everything, and Lindsay was going up the stairs, carrying a ceramic teacup," Lohan's mother, Dina, told Star magazine.

Oh my god. With EGGS! WOW!!! Damn, what a STELLAR cook! I mean cookstress! Geez, I just can't REMEMBER the last time someone ACTUALLY had enough talent to cook eggs! Just imagine... we had breakfast with eggs and EVERYTHING! WOAH!!!


Serves her right for having anything to do with the talentless crooner Bryan Adams!


From TFA:

I can't follow that.


At least the cup didn't slice open anything important, like her implants.


somewhere in that article there was mention of her walking across the floor dripping wet with..... wait for it.......lotion on? I hereby present the Most Likely To Die By Natural Selection Award to Ms. Lohan for being a hazard to herself, and teacups. I'd still use her as a sex puppet though. Don't know why, normally anorexia isn't a turn-on.


Hey now...just the thought of her all wet and lotioned up got my blood going this morning.

But what the hell is she doing with Bryan Adams? Isn't he in his 50's? Sounds like the weird old man who used to hang around the girl's cheerleading practices in high school. Now that's where the real news story is at.

And she doesn't have implants...She's had those things since she was young. Then when she lost all that weight, they went away too. They came back when she gained the weight back. Doesn't sound like implants to me, IMO.


oh come on guys, she's gonna have the best platic surgery and you won't even see the scar.

we'll all be back to looking up nipple slips and full frontal pics of her and breaking out the KY in no time.


what was so "freaky friday" about. she fell and got cut up. she didnt swap bodies with anyone.