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Freak Accident/Death in Gym


I just found out an acquantince of my family her son was killed yesterday in the gym lifting weights. I don't know all the details right now, but it sounds like some weights fell on him, my guess is he was bench pressing w/o a spotter and lost control.

So to everyone out here at T Nation remember to be safe while lifting. None of us want to leave for the gym to set that record bench press and never return.


Sorry to hear that,Was he at his home working out alone? Would be hard to believe if he died at some public gym and nobody came to help.


I heard he was at a gym, but that does seem strange.


Sorry to here that. If it's any consolation, going out on a max attempt would be one of my top choices if I had to choose.


haha most baller death ever...sorry for your loss man


Going out on a max lift would only be acceptable to me if I actually nailed it before dying.



Sorry for your loss, Clip.

Shit happens.


There was a highschool kid here in Texas that died this way a couple of years who. His folks went to see a movie or something, he went to the garage to workout, had the clips on the bar while benching and he got the bar on his neck and couldn't dump the weight. His dad walked in the garage and found him. God that must suck.


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I remember when I was about 15, after school I went to the weight room which was under the gym. There was 135 pounds on the bar and i wanted to see if i could do it. Well I did, but it was the hardest one rep of my life. But I shudder to think what could have happened because I was the only one down there and no one, and I mean no one would've been able to hear me from above. That could've turned out bad for me.


Another reason I'm doing all my benching in the cage with no clips on the bar. Sorry to hear about it.


Well, we are assuming it was bench press. I can imagine a gone-very-wrong overhead shoulder press / military press also have very bad consequences.


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Damn. That sucks. Sorry for your loss, OP.

DB bench/DB shoulder press - a momentary lapse mid lift can be dangerous. I was spotting someone a while ago an barely managed to prevent the 45lb DB from crashing on his face. Not that heavy, but was scary.


what town? I'm sure it would be in the local papers by now, online


I read somewhere a while ago that on average 10 people die from Bench pressing every year in the US.

People may possibly get injured or at least fear being injured by squatting or deadlifting, but too many guys bench with their egos.

I have a video on youtube of a guy at my gym that doesn't warm up, goes straight to 225lbs and does 3 or 4 shitty reps with his back arched and he racks one side about 2 seconds before the other.

Fool I am, here's the video:


that sucks a lot man. sorry.

on a lighter note, today i went to the gym, and as soon as i started warming up, i hear behind me 'umm, excuse me, can someone help me' in a very calm manner. I look around, don't see anything, but then i see this dude just holding 225 on his chest on the bench press, looking up around the gym trying to make eye contact with someone. couldn't help but laugh after. thank god i don't wear headphones when i lift cause he woulda been there for a lot longer.


A friend of mine had a seizure while doing db bench and clubbed himself in the head with a 65lb'er.

He started doing db bench to avoid having a loaded bar pin him in case he had one.


And what happened to him?


I guess he'll never be the head of a major corporation