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Fraud and Corruption in US Pharma


Informative article..



This should not come as a surprise to anyone.


And the doctors that don't actually look at the data and indications take no blame.


I am not denying the pharma groups are at fault but also doctors should be accountable for research and knowing approved use.


so you do realize this is from what is considered the conspiracy theroy of a middle east tv network.


What good is looking at the data and indicated use when they are being skewed by the people who create it?

Might as well look at the box and say "OOh! This one is pretty! Try this."

Not defending either one, actually quite the opposite. It just seems that the distribution of drugs, mainly psychiatric, has become quite the clusterfuck.

Direct marketing to the end user in the form of nebulous television commercials can't help much either.


I actually agree with you, I think all research should undergo much tighter regulatory review.

I actually work in the quality/compliance side of the industry between research and manufacturing the difference in menatality is very appearant.

sometimes people will comments about it costing more and I will just remind them they make no money if they ahve to operate under consent decree suffer profit gouging. that ususally helps them understand a little better. they should just understand, you are messing with peoples lives. That is how I look at my work. I mess up lots of people can suffer, that is not acceptable.


Definitely no surprise here. Anybody who has ever been to a doctor in the last twenty years knows that health care has morphed into a giant money making scheme. You talk to the doctor for about 5 minutes, when he writes you a prescription for some toxic, chemical laden shit or some gut destroying antibiotics.

It is no longer about caring for the patient. It has turned into a assembly line of drugs and procedures. America is sicker than it has ever been and we spend more than ever.

I get a kick out of this. We arrest and jail the street dealer peddling some pot, but allow these huge pharmaceutical companies to distribute massive doses of drugs that are many times much more harmful for the body. And why? Oh because the government says that it is ok.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when it comes to chronic conditions, western health care is the pits. It does more harm than good, and is infinitely more expensive.


Doctors should take some blame, but that could get complicated quickly depending on many factors. What about the blame the people should shoulder for taking these medications blindly? Although, not what this thread was about, kind of high jacking it here.