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Frat Curls


Just got back from this weeks pressing workout, and I've just seen something that blew my mind. Everyone's seen prettyboys doing the infamous "frat-curls" in the squatrack etc, but I've never seen it taken to this extreme before.

I got to the gym at maybe 9:15, and there's this frat looking dude in the squatrack curling. So big deal, I didn't need to squat today, live and let live. But after about twenty minutes, I noticed that he was still curling, now on the preacher bench. Curling again and again with 25 or 35 pounders. Sometimes hammer curls, sometimes barbell curls, but always curls. 45 minutes have passed, and he gets up from the preacher bench.... only to start performing standing curls! By this point I'm almost impressed by his endurance. I finished my workout in an hour, and when I left this guy was straining in front of the mirror doing standing hammer curls. He might still be there now, haunting the gym like some sort of biceps-obsessed phantom...

Anyway, I don't want it to sound like I'm just bitching about "stupid gym people" or anything. I really don't care what he does as long as he's not in my way. I'm just amazed... That has to be the most intense biceps workout I've ever seen.

Too bad he doesn't have much to show for it.



he probably just broke up with his girl and now wants to get swole.



Where the hell is the Greek community on these forums, that they let anybody say anything about us? I am a fraternity brother at a top university, and I am doing everything I can to improve myself the same way anyone else around here is. This is one time too many for such ignorance and stereotyping. Please act in a way befitting the level of knowledge available to you.


Okay, it's a deal, bro. Tell your frat brothers curling in the fucking squat rack to get the hell out of my way, and things won't escalate. Fair enough?


Try not to be so thin skinned, dude. Obviously you don't fit the stereotype. I'm sure you're in great shape and train the right way. It's like using the term "soccer-mom." Not all mothers whose children play soccer exemplify the traits associated with that term, but pretty much everyone uses it anyway. All I know is that the vast majority of frat boys at my school are the bench n' curl type. Even if I were in a frat I would call them "frat-curls."

Anyway, I don't think I need to walk on eggshells for fear of bruising the egos of the insecure.


I'm not thin skinned, and I surely have nothing to be insecure about, but thank you for the assumption, which I assume is an erroneous deduction stemming from the fact that I last year pledged myself to a brotherhood of men to whom I had no previous obligations. I clearly must need the strength in numbers and blinding conformity, right? Well, since you probably have no interest in being rushed, I won't tell you what I'm actually doing in a fraternity.

I'm sorry your post was the one that pushed me into action. But I think we all realize that derogatory references to fraternity brothers are chronic and rife in strength training literature and discussion, and this site is no exception. I obviously don't like poor training habits either, but it is patently unfair to uniformly ascribe them to any group, and I can't stand by any longer as a group of which I am a part is so affronted.

In fact, you have in your last post made the precise connection between your use of the term "frat curl" and the definition of a stereotype. Sorry, but not all "frat boys" are ignorant lifters, nor vice versa. I suppose the Greek community doesn't have enough negative stereotypes to combat without the T-Nation denigrating its training habits.

I see a black man in your avatar, JMB, and I would presume that it is you. Let me make that comparison of stereotypes for you.

(Just for clarity, I am black man at a predominantly white institution who has joined a "white" fraternity, and carried both associated sets of baggage. I have the perspective to have made that statement.)

Now stop it.

P.S. lothario, that was ignorant.


I just checked the PC handbook and found that it is actually perfectly fine to make fun of frat boys. Every gym needs the comic relief. Keep on curling in the squat rack and talking on the cel phone between sets!!!!!


Geez this is a bullshit argument.

dond1esel, your black and a frat. wow, aren't you persicuted. The attempt to compair the persecution and predijucies against people of color and the small slight to the greek "community" that was posted here is truly pathetic.



That chip on dond1esel's shoulder must be an awful burden!


I would seriously question that, of all the things in the world to get worked up about, this is not one of them.


People are way too sensitive about "categories." We'd all be better off if people were less thin-skinned about race, religion, affiliation and profession.



By the way- the verbose way in which you delivered your little "Oh woe is me speech" somewhat detracted from its impact.



Damn lawyers!


my only question was if he was in a pink collared shirt with the collar flipped up. For some reason at my school that's a growing trend which is pretty much saddening, not that every greek kid does it, but what started out as one or two has quickly became about 30 or 40, even in some non-pink shirts... it's pathetic.

ATTENTION: Flipped up collars are for when you've been outside for too long (on the golf course, doing yard work, etc...) and your neck is burning and you have no other choice, not for the weight room! TURN YOUR COLLARS DOWN IN THE WEIGHT ROOM!



I was not a "frat" boy in my day but fair enough; you made your argument and we should respect you for it. Most of the ribbing that goes on here regarding "frat" boys or the like is good natured... I don't think any real harm is intended. No doubt there are some fraternity members who can "bring it" and lift some serious weights. I think the original post here was intended to ridicule the training protocol... not as a rant against all fraternity members.


I 100% agree. It took you a really long time to say a whole lotta nuthin!



It really should go without saying, but the only things with collars on them at the gym should be the barbells.


I have a dream!

That one day little frat boys will be able to join hands with T-Nation men and walk together as brother in iron.

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!...to curl in the squat rack.

Sheesh, can it with the frat-boy anti-discrimination movement. So you're the exception rather than the rule. Well good for you. Good FOR you.


It's official! Go to Urban Dictionary and vote "thumbs up" for the definition of "frat curl!"



Well shit Carlton I didn't know the greek community was suffering so much. I will stop donating to the tsunami relief fund and send to you and your poor "brothers". So how much will it take to end the suffering?