Franksdatank's V-Diet Log

Ahoy, T-Nationers and Nationees. I Have begun a Velocity Diet and Shall update the log nightly. The last Pics I have are severely outdated, but I will update a fresh set next Sunday, My 1 week mark. To begin with, the basic stats as of Sunday, March 16th.

Weight: 229
Chest (Around Middle): 50.5
Quads R28.5 L 28.0
Calves 17
Waist 39.5
Death Handles 42.5
Arms R 18.5 L 18
Neck 18.25

V-Diet Day One:
(woke up a little late:)
9:am 1 HRX,2 scoop Strawberry Metabolic Drive 3 BCAA
1pm 2 Scoop Strawberry Metabolic Drive
2pm 3 BCAA
4 pm (mini feast)1HRX 2 scoop Strawberry Metabolic Drive, 1 Tbsp Flax, 2 fiber choice Tabs and 3 Flameout
5pm 3 BCAA (pre Nepa 45 min city and Burning up!)
7pm 2 scoop Strawberry Metabolic Drive
9:30pm (The FEAST) 2 scoop Strawberry Metabolic Drive, 2Tbsp Penutbutter, 1tbs Flax, 3 Flameout.
10pm 3 BCAA, ZMA
Monday Shall be updated Post consumption of the FEAST Before bed.

Diet Day 2
5 am 2 HRX, 3 BCAA 1/2 Serving Metabolic Drive
5:30 3 BCAA (pre workout
6 am 1 Serving Surge, chocolate
8 am 2 Serving Metabolic Drive
12pm 2 HRX, 2 serving Metabolic Drive
3pm (mini feast) 3 Flameout, 2 fiber choice tabs,2 serving Metabolic Drive 1 tbsp Flax
5 3 bcaa (45 min Nepa Walk)
6 pm 2 serving Metabolic Drive
9 pm (The FEAST) 1tbsp flax,2 Flameout, 2tbsp Penut Butter, 2 Sc. Metabolic Drive
10pm( in a few min) 3 BCAA, ZMA

Training Day 1, and Notes
Wide Grip Pullup
A1 BodyWeight x 3,3,3,3,3,3,3
Rest 30 Sec
Overhead Squat
A2 45lb Bar x 3,3,3,3,3,3,3
Rest 30 Sec
A3 Dip
Bodyweight x 3,3,3,3,3,3,3
Rest 30 Sec
2 sets Side Planks, 60 Sec

Pullups Felt good, dips were a good finisher but those squats… I love to squat, but these things kicked my butt. First 4 or 5 sets the further I went down, the more wobbly and closer to falling backwards I became. They were interesting to perform and Had me sweating after the pullups.

Overall, today was Quite nice. On to tomorrow, Day 3!

V-diet Day 3
(I slept in today, waking clear and unfoggy. This is rare, as I was up to speed quite quickly today)
630am 3 BCAA, 2 HRX
7:00 3 BCAA followed by a 45min walk round the block at 25F
8 am 1 double serving shake Metabolic Drive
12pm Double shake Metabolic Drive
3pm (mini feast) 1tbs Flax 3 Flameout, 2 fiberchoice (I’ve unground, and frankly between the fiber tabs expanding, the chewing of this stuff and the satiation of the Metabolic Drive, I’m rarley hungry)
5 pm 3 BCAA
6pm Double Strawberry Metabolic Drive, Neat, no ice.
9pm (THE FEAST) 2tbsp Peanut butter, 1 Serving Flax, 3 Flameout and 2 scoops Metabolic Drive.
9:45ish 3 BCAA, ZMA.(posting now as I may be awol from my comp. Next case, I’ll update day after starting thursday)

Well, what can I say? A half week in and I’m stuffed. my thinking is a little clearer and I can see a little creep in my veins. Tomorrow is the Wednesday training session and I’ve to rest up if it is to be of any Assistance in this program. I got a pm Saying more whey is on the way, and have to thank Biotest for that! Truly splendid job guys.

On to Day 4, and pics on Sunday. 8 days, but a week to the day from the beginning. Thy Sunday shall be Picture Day. Oh, and note to Shugs if he’s reading, Is it acceptable to switch the HSM on sunday as opposed to saturday, or would that screw things up?

Day 4 Training Day 2
I woke up without hunger today but had a craaazy craving for a nice eggwhite omlette with scallions, spinach and chicken breast.
Today’s workout:
A1 Db Lunge with Shoulder press
45x4,50x4, 55x4,50x4 Each Leg
Rest 30 Sec
A2 Db Hang Clean
45x4, 55x4,4,60x4
Rest 30sec
A3 One Arm Db Row
50x4, 60x 4, 70x4, 75x4

B1 Close Grip Bench Press
205x4, 225x4, 235x4, 240x4
Rest 30 Sec
B2 Barbell Curl
95x4, 100x4,4,4
Rest 30 sec
B3 Front Squat
95x4, 145x4, 155x4, 165x4

2 Sets of planks
90 Secconds Each

Form and rom were good, and breathing was a bit tough at the end. Had a nice pump during the squats, it was like trying not to fall forward as opposed to monday where it was trying not to fall backwards. Anywho, I shall update today when the diet part is complete. This is one heck of a program, and I’m just beginining. I hope to see what happens at the transition period. Might I add that about a week ago, my mortal enemy was the peanut m&m, and now it evokes nothing except nausea. I’m looking forward to my hsm this weekend I just hope i can eat it all!

looks good so far! I see you borrowed my “Death Handle” term :wink: if that catches on with more people i’ll be happy, I can’t totally claim it, its really from “Metalocalypse.”

Get some pics up soon!

Luck has nothing to do with it, get truckin

V-diet Day 4
530am 2 HRX, BCAA 1/2 scoop Metabolic Drive
6am (pre workout)3 BCAA, 1tbsp Metabolic Drive
7am (Post workout)2 scoops Surge Chocolate cheat cake Flavor (Seriously, this stuff KILLED any actual chocolate)
8am 2 scoop Strawberry Metabolic Drive
12pm 2 scoop strawberry Metabolic Drive
2pm 2 HRX
230pm 1 fiberchoice ( I am viewing this as a snapping of willpower and must correct this weakness Due to being a half hour early)
3 pm (mini feast) 1tbsp flax, 3 Flameout 1tab fiber choice 2 scoop strawberry
5:15pm 3 BCAA before 45min nepa round the block
6pm 2 scoop strawberry Metabolic Drive
9pm (THE FEAST) 3 Flameout, 1tbsp flax, 2tbsp peanutbutter, 2 scop Metabolic Drive.
9:45 3 BCAA, ZMA

Overall today was a blast. The training was fun, heavier than I thought I’d be pushing, and the planks were killer for the anterior chain. After ending with a squat and giving the bench a shove, the hold got me shakin. I’m enjoying it so far, and got the rest of my Metabolic Drive in the mail, chocolate this time.

I’m noticing a little better posture and shall post pics on the one weekmark, sunday. The clarity was there this morning also, so bring on the chocolate! Only three words can sum up the rest of the process: OM NOM NOM!

Samurai, Pictars shalt be posted Sunday. As for luck, I’m going to stick to the program to a t and do what it says. that’s my luck.

V-diet day 5
5 already? Yep. Sure flew by
7a 2 HRX, 3 BCAA
8a shake1
12p shake 2
2p 2 HRX 3 BCAA
3p shake 3 (mini feast) 1tbsp flax, 3 Flameout, 2 fiber choice tabs.
415p 3 BCAA (pre 45min nepa walk)
6p shake 4
9p shake 5 + (THE FEAST) 1tbsp flax, 2tbsp pb,3 Flameout
945p3 BCAA, ZMA
LEdgend: Shakes 1-5 contain 2 scoops Strawberry Metabolic Drive.
pb is Peanut Butter.

End day 5.
LEss and less fog is clouding me when I wake up, andi seem to have more energy. Also, A hankering for a nicely prepared crepe jumped in my head. Hunger is not an issue so far and I really have to remind myself to have a shake at the time alloted. Just not hungry.

I am noting that when my walks are done, my calves get a little bit pumped. I’ve got 5 weeks to go. Lesdoit!
Tomorrow update with training. Looks a little fearsome, should be niiiiice.

V-Diet day 6 Training day 3
Oww. Just oww. I felt really flat last night but woke up this morning feeling a little tighter. anywho, The workout of the day.
Power Clean
A1 135x6, 155x6, 165x6,6
rest 40 sec
A2 Clap Pushups
A3 Bodyweightx6,6,6,6
Rest 40 sec
40 sec rest then repeat.

Each circut the clap pushup was harder and harder. The Cleans made my back a little crunchy as i stretched afterwards, but was nice. and the chins really ate some grip power.
B1 standing db side raise
rest 40 sec
Bent over Barbell Row
145x6.155x6, 165x6,6
rest 40 sec
B3 Reverse Crunch on slant board
Bodyweight x6,6,6,6
rest 40 sec
B4 Reverse lunge with Hammer curl each side
30’s x 6, 35’s x 6, 40’s x 6 45’s x 6 r, 5 l (last rep of last set just dropped me)

Nutrition and supplement log to be posted later today. All in all, that workout was killer, and this is the easiest of the easy week. Monday is going to be fun for sure. This was a experience that i shall soon repeat next week, less rest, more weights. I must say, however that Surge is a AWESOME afterworkout due to it tastes like it should be bad for you, and kills any sweet cravings one might have. The muscle building and recovery aspect is nice, too.
Good intensity, let the weekend commence!

V-Diet Day 6
Wake up: 3 BCAA, 2 HRX
6am 3 BCAA
7am Surge Chocolate cheat cake flavor.
8 am Strawberry Metabolic Drive
12pm Strawberry Metabolic Drive
2pm 2 HRX, 3 BCAA (pre 45 min stroll)
3pm (mini feast) 1tbsp flax, 3 Flameout, strawberry Metabolic Drive.
6pm Chocolate Metabolic Drive
9pm 1tbsp Flax, 2tbsp peanut butter, 3 Flameout, chocolate Metabolic Drive.
930pm 3 BCAA, ZMA

Daaaaaamn! Just opened up the chocolate and I’m looking forward to it. Smells buttery and creamy, tastes rich and smooth. Kills hunger and soreness. Today was good, I think I bonked, energy wise. around 2 pm I just felt bleh. Picked up around 4 and was good to go. I feel fine now. Looks like Easter is shake day.

Ello HSM tomorrow. I’m thinking of a fritatta, but in all likleyhood won’t be able to eat much. There is just no hunger. Btw, feeling somewhat more agile. don’t know how much weight got dropped, but It’ll be interesting to see on sunday.
5 more weeks to go. YEahhhhhhhhh!

Hello hello all!
V-Day Diet day 7
wake: 3bcaa, 2HRX
7:30 shake one
1130 Shake 2
430 shake threeeee And some Nummy flax seed and 3 flameout.
6 hsm (4 or 5 slices turkey breast and 2 table spoons of cottage cheese wrapped in romane with a dash of pepper, and a 3/4 cup of whole wheat pasta with a mahghetria sauce)
9pm The FEAST! peanut butter, flax, Flameout
10pm 3bcaa, zma.

Pow! Right in he kisser. I’ve had pasta before, to the tune of many pounds I’m sure, but it tasted different. The seeds, the skin from the tomatoes just melted, and the cottage cheese/turkey wrap I could taste the CRUNCH. I’m loving this so far, and shall have pictars and new measurements in a few hours. Until then, Ciao, Ciao!

Ye Side.

Back Shot. TRaaaaaaps. Need Traaaaps.

The rollers.

Overall these pics are both humbling and discouraging. They are my starting point, so next week will be better. I will make sure of that. Actual weight will be lifted, Excuses for improvement will not be tolerated. Only one option. Follow the plan, make sure everything is perfectly adhered to. As Gus said he had a pooch. I’ve damn near a kenel to get rid of. It’s go time.

Dude, your legs are going to be frightening lean, those things are redwoods… I’ll be keeping up on your progress

Hopefully the pics motivate you and make you push it in the weight room and in the kitchen. Good luck, dude. I (and I’m sure the likes of Samurai and tmoney as well) would be glad to answer any questions you have.


Sam, I shall hope they grow a hair quicker than redwoods, but i shall carve them up this week. Dizz, You’re right on the money. The pics piss me off into a realization, but I am thankful that I have a starting point, and a place of Never again. This week, the training has been felt out, the diet has been roughed. I say bring it. And shall get measurements, today’s diet log and tomorrows workout in the morning.

Diet day 9, training day 4.
rest 30 sec
Overhead Squat
65x3,3 85x3, 115x3,3,3,3,3
Rest 30 sec
Bw+ 5 x3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3
rest 30 sec
2 sets of side planks
In the words of the eternal rick flair, WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Those overheads were brutal. The weight was light, but the trying-not-to-fall-on-my-ass quotient really added up on the later sets. Good stuff. I gotta give props to whoever designed the set of hey, let’s get the triceps in a pre-fatigued state and then dip.

Yeahhh! make em burn. I must say I was getting weird looks from people in the gym today with the overhead squat things. I dunno, it’s not a machine? Any-who, that kicked my bum. I’m ready to see how much walking i’m gonna do wedsday. If i can walk much afterwards, I will be most irate.

Frank awesome legs!!!

Best of luck on the diet. Hit it hard and dont stop till it’s done. It will be over before you know it.