Franklin vs Liddell ?

What do you guys think of this match up? Don’t give long comparatives…off the top of your heads lol.

Both hit really hard. I question Franklin’s chin but his recovery is outstanding. Crow and Tanner have put him down but yet he was able to get it together and win. He could go up weight. He’s fought at LHW before.

I know we are talking Liddell here and his jack hammer punches. No one is surviving his strikes anymore. What a chin too! I know he could knock Franklin out. He knocks everyone out.

Both are strikers so it will more than likely stay up. I really would love to see this match up!

I think Silva though will be able to compete with Chuck. Silva I’m confident in saying can beat him. You never know though with Chuck’s punching power. Even when walking backwards he can knock you out.

I love Silva’s stare downs. Just that is worth the price of admission he he.

So what do you think bout Franklin vs Liddell?