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This is it. I use to be here, a long time ago. I was a competitive bodybuilder, strongwoman…amateur boxer…I stopped training for nearly seven years and began again, 2016. Competed in a powerlifting meet soon after and set state records. Then moved to LA and began a new career as a storyboard artist. Due to my work, I won’t be here a whole lot. Even with this pandemic, I’m still working and right now, working a LOT. Down times, I’ll be here more than just updating the training.
I have a home gym that I began putting together two years ago. Talk about good timing. I have nearly 400lbs of weight plates. A power rack, bench, barbell, trapbar, EZ curl bar…box for box squats, kettlebells (pr of 10, 20; single 30 and 40). Resistance bands…Axle bar, landmine attachment…hanging rings from the power rack for fun things like jack knife pull-ups or hanging leg raises.
3x a week, a good friend comes over and trains with me. He’s not as experienced as I (I’m female, btw) so I put together the routine. I’m introducing him to the magic of deadlifts/rackpulls/squats and hang cleans. So the title of this log, “Frankie’s Place” is exactly what this is, my place. Since gyms are closed, I invited him to train with me. My wee pandemic pod. Also, I’ve been itching to compete again - either in powerlifting or figure. Or both. Now planned for 2021.
I use to base my training on Chad Waterbury’s “Big Boy Basics” and that’s where I’ve been heading back to.

For the record, I’m 5’4", 123-125lbs. And nice to meet you all.


Welcome aboard!

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