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Hey all, first time poster here. Wanting to start the V-diet after reading about it so many times in Dan Johns’ books. I’m 44, 195lb at 5’08" and CrossFit 5x a week. I’d love to be about 175lb. Currently have a 400lb back squat, 500lb deadlift, 195 strict press, and 27min 5k.

Right now, biotest is showing the V-diet pack as sold out. I’ve reached out to them and it’s just the Superfood that’s out, and they won’t ship the rest without that. They estimate 2-3 weeks before the Superfood is back in stock. I want to start sooner than that. They told me I could order all the other stuff with a coupon code for 20% off, but it’s still way more than the package. Instead I ordered 1 bag of Metabolic Drive, 1 bag of Plazma, and 1 bottle of FlameOut.

My plan is to start when I get the shipment and get the Superfood when I can. Also, for workouts, our gym’s focus is on metabolic conditioning this month, so lots of lower weight, higher rep, faster paced stuff on deck. I know I’ll probably take a hit with the lower caloric intake for the month, but I figure with the lighter loads, I should be ok.

Is there anything I can supplement for the Superfood supp? Any other constructive feedback?


Good to have you hear, @Damn_Yankee!

Superfood is part of the V-Diet plan for a few reasons, one of which is to guarantee that you won’t be “missing” anything nutrition-wise. So, one thing you can do is add plenty of lower-cal greens and berries to your solid meal of the day. Call it the Big Boring Salad.

I’m hesitant to recommend other “greens” type supplements because most of them are full of antiquated hippy junk, possible allergens, or even T-lowering stuff (which is why we made Superfood to begin with: couldn’t find anything we’d want to use ourselves in the greens-supplement category).

So I’d just try to really round out that solid meal. Lots of greenery and other veggies, then some wild blueberries for “dessert”, which are quite tasty when frozen. You could blend those into one of your shakes.

Wow, a reply from THE MAN himself! I feel honored.

Thank you, sir, for the feedback!

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