Frank Zappa

Does anyone know who composed the song “Peaches en Regalia?” Frank Zappa covered it in '69 for the Hot Rats album, and his is the only version I’ve found. I’ve put together many combinations of keywords to try and tease it out of Google, to no avail. My friends and family don’t know – I’ve done everything to try to figure this out, short of taking the trolley down to Hynes Convention Ctr. and asking every Berkley student and professor I can find. Help a guy out!

Frank Zappa was the composer, this wasn’t a cover tune. There are several versions of Peaches, but they were all composed and arranged by Zappa.

At least that’s what he said, but he’s not talking to anyone now.

I agree with Yo Momma.

LyricWiki lists:
“Frank Zappa - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Arranger, Composer, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Octave Bass” for the song

My favorite Zappa album is ‘Live at the Filmore 1971’ (the white album with the pencil on the front) with Mudshark (and Peaches En Regalia). Or is it ‘Just Another Band from LA’ (with Billy the Mountain!), and Magdalena on the flip side… So much great music from Frank and his bands.

damn dude that tune is as zappa as the sky is blue. how could you think it’s a cover ?

I haven’t seen my Hot Rats album in years. I agree with Momma and the rest though, Zappa wrote in. Here’s a link to more than you ever wanted to know about the structure of the song.

Thanks, folks. Guess I have to double-check my sources.

Yea - I’m a huge Zappa fan - that’s a Frank tune thru and thru…