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Frank Zane 2.0 Pure Hypertrophy & Symmetry

Deloading on legs today:

*Leg Extension
30-50-70 (16-14-12) warmup

*Linear Hack Squat
Sled only 1x14 paused at the bottom
90 1x12
140 2x10

*Legs Seated Curl
50-70-90 (14-12-2x10)

*One Legged Kickback Machine
30-50-70 (28-24-20) both legs

*Walking Barbell Lunges
40 3x14

*Calves Raise on Horizontal Leg Press
paused at the bottom
90 1x18
110 1x15
130 1x15

*Calf Press
110 1x15
150 1x15

Workout time: 1h 30 min

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Legs day
*Lower back & quads stretching, superman 2 sets & back extension machine (50-70) 4 sets

*Seated legs curl (50-70-90-75) moderate-high reps

*Leg Press
210 1x12 (high & wide feet placement)
300 1x12 (high & wide feet placement)
390 1x10
480 1x7
530 1x7

*Kicback Machine
50 2x24 (both legs)

Workout time: 45-50 min
Not feeling well. Had to end the workout earlier. Still trying to recover from minor pec strain.

oh look. the know-it-all started a log. I’m sure it’ll be great.


Looks like he wrote his own program too. In for a good time.

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flip stop being such a bully

Arms day yesterday to bring up my lagging arms

Bought “the no isolation work for arms” broscience crap in my first year of training

*Incline Skull Crusher
2 warm up sets
2 working sets of 10-12 reps with 55 lbs EZ-bar, going a little lighter today

*Alternate Dumbbell Curl
Slow and controlled
15 1x24
25 1x16
20 1x20

*Preacher Hammer Curl Machine
44 1x12
55 1x10
44 1x10

*Triceps Rope Extension
4 stacks 1x14
5 stacks 1x12
6 stacks 1x10

*Triceps Kicback on Cable
Constant tension 1 stack
2 sets of 10 for each hand

*Reverse Grip Curl
1 warm up set
35 2x12

Time: 1 hour

V tapered physique back and shoulder workout
Back emphasis (no heavy pressing)

Neutral grip pull up 3 sets
Barbell row 4 sets
Dumbbell row 2 sets for each side
Dumbbell pullover 2 sets

Side lateral raise 1 set each hand 2 sets together
Rear delt raise 2 sets
Front delt raise 2 sets right side 3 sets left side
All using dumbbells

Time 1 h 15 m

Pec strain got worse, will not train upper body until fully recover.

Legs day
*Legs extension

*Hamstring legs curl

*Hack Squat
2 plates for working set

*Calf press
3 sets toes in toes out toes parallel

*Calf press on leg press machine
3 sets same method

Time: 1 hour

*15 minutes of cardio (just for general and cardiovascular health, never had to cut fat, genetically lean)

*Some injury prevention & stretching movements for my pec strain. Felt amazing

Time: 30 min

Legs day
*5 min cardio on treadmill (warm-up)

*Front Squats 4 sets

*Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift 4 sets
Amazing exercise, focus on the stretch, 35 lbs dumbbells for working set

*Vertical Leg Press on Smith Machine 3 sets
Body positioning a bit forward, feet aren’t parallel to the bar. Really hit those quads and take away hamstrings and glutes involvement

*Smith Machine Calf Raise 4 sets

*Seated Calf Raise using Barbell 3 sets

*Barbell Lunges 2 sets (finisher)
Empty 45 lb bar to failure

Time: 1h15 min

V bar pulldown 4 sets 120 lbs working set
Isolateral row 3 sets each hand lighter weight for right side pec strain
Isolateral row decline using plates 2 sets
Lat pulldown machine 3-4 sets

Pec pain slowly going away but training upper body is still very uncomfortable

Time 50 min

Back workout with a little bit of biceps today.

Lat pulldown wide grip
5 sets for 100 lbs working set 85 lbs to failure for the fifth set

Dumbbell pullover
3 sets 32.5 lbs working set

One arm isolateral row machine
3 sets each hand 70 lbs working set

Machine preacher curl
3 sets 30-35-40 lbs

Lat pulldown close grip machine
3 sets 140 lbs working set

Time: 1 h

Legs day yesterday:

*Smith Machine Front Squats
elevated for extra range of motion 6-7 sets

*Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift
4 sets 35 lbs dumbbells for working set

*Barbell Lunges
2 sets

*Smith Machine Calf Raise
4 sets paused at the top

Quads got burned
Time: 1 h


15 min cardio (hill) and foam roll on quads to help with recovery

Arms day (biceps emphasis):

*Incline Dumbbell Curl
2 warm-up sets

*Alternating Dumbbell Curl
2 warm-up sets 1 working set

*Incline Skullcrusher
2 warm-up sets 2 working sets 40-50 lbs

*One-arm Triceps Rope Extension (extends arm to the side instead of backwards)
2 working sets each hand

*Triceps Rope Extension
3 working sets

*Dumbbell Concentration Curl on Preacher Bench
4 sets for left hand 2 sets for right hand - very slow on the eccentric portion and focus on the contraction

*Cable Curl
3 working sets

Time: 1h10 min

Abs & 1st time training forearms yesterday:

*7 min cardio on treadmill for general health

*Abs Pulldown
3 sets of half of the weight stacks (increase a plate every set)

*Hanging Leg Raises
3 sets of 10-15 reps

*Russian Twists with medicine ball
3 sets of 10-20 reps

*Standing Palms-Up Barbell Behind The Back Wrist Curl
3 sets

superset with

*Seated One-Arm Dumbbell Palms-Up Wrist Curl
2 sets

Time: 50 min


*Smith Machine Front Squats
4 sets 6-10 reps for working sets

*Barbell Romanian Deadlift
4 sets 8-14 reps last set used warm up weights till failure

*Bulgarian Split Squat with Dumbbells
3 sets for each leg 4-8 reps used a platform

*Smith Machine Calf Raise
4 sets last set tilll failure

*Barbel Lunges
3 sets of 8-12 reps

Time: 1h10 min

Are you tracking progress at all? Or are you simply grabbing weights and going until you’re tired?

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Yeah I got lazy and didn’t put number of reps and weights in some of the exercises. To answer your second question, no.

The whole point of a training log is to track progress, so when you look back at it in the future you can figure out what worked and what didn’t. Gonna be hard to do if you aren’t writing the numbers down.

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