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Frank Yang's Encounter with the Cop


I was sitting in my car in front of my girlfriendâ??s house. Weâ??ve gotten into a fight and she wouldnâ??t pick up my phone calls so I drove all the way to her house in my blue Camry so I can catch her on her way to work the next morning. I called her in the car again and again, but she wouldnâ??t pick up. I was about to turn off my phone and gave it a rest when my girlfriend texted me. She said that her ex boyfriend was over and that they were watching DVDs together. I wasnâ??t surprised at all, given the fact that she was never completely over him. I was a little pissed off, but anger turned into horniness when I started to imagine them together. I started to masturbate while fantasizing about them, and just when I was about to reach orgasm, I heard a loud knock on my window. It was a cop, and he said that he wanted to check my car out for cocaine. I didnâ??t unlock the door for him because he had no right to access my car, so I ignored his presence and continued to masturbate. Then he smashed my window with his elbow and opened the door himself and sat down in the passengerâ??s seat next to me. He waited quietly until I had finished masturbating. Acknowledging the fact that I had just ejaculated all over myself, he handed me some tissues so I can cleanup up my cum. Then he said â??Iâ??m a lonely man, just like youâ??. I nodded, started the engine, and took us on a long, silent ride.

This video depicts the loneliness and alienation of unacquainted love and its relationship with time and identity. The three versions of the main character represents the three aspects of the psychic apparatus defined in Freud's structural model of the psyche. The middle aged version represents the ego, the young version represents the id, and the police represents the super ego.




You are a weird motherfucker.

EDIT: I did not and will not watch the video.


Did anyone else like this kid better when he took pictures in thongs, lifted heavy weights, and got his youtube vid berated by Dave Tate on elitefits?


Link to the last part? Sounds intriguing.

Also, wat.


Who the hell says "I'm watching DVDs" instead of "I'm watching movies"?




If only more of the cops I meet waited until after I started masturbating to harrass me.




I don't really dig his "art"..if you can call it that.




Ok like for me it started as funny, then it got wierd, but still sorta artistic (maybe) but different. Now he's emptying a box of sharpies on his body and doing a film on cuckold/gay fantasy kind of stuff (IN THE SAME VID).

Dave Tate's critique on Frank Yang:
vid is no longer available. Most of the known internets (read; T-Nation) have seen the vid. In summary, a couple of franks training buddies squat with describibly brutal form, while Frank yells "GET THAT SHIT!" like a maniac while trying not to burst out laughing.

he's also mentioned in an old Eric Cressey article on here. He's also been a distance client of Kelly Baggett at one point I think. One thing that stood out is that he was even talked to by the US bobsleigh(?) (luge or skeleton - sliding as a whole team?) coach saying that if he put on a small amount of size strength, he would seriously consider him for the program or something.

Of course, this is his life, and I'm not judging what makes him happy, only thinking about the decisions I'd have made with a limited knowledge.

None the less, he is one crazy motherfucker.