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Frank Yang is Out of his Mind


he writes on his eyeballs.


He should probably seek help.


damn yang, you never cease to amaze us.


...Crazy motherfucker.


He seems to be descending further and further into madness with every video.

"Milk, Bananas and Suicides" seems very rational and almost pedestrian compared to this latest release.

Any predictions for his next video? I imagine him in the desert dressed as a giant sunflower, beating an armadillo to death with a tub of Joe Weider Weight Gainer 5000, with some scratchy 33 record playing on a phonograph in the background.


sooo about that butchering the old girl and cooking her up for the new girl... that was kind of intense. i guess if you cut up and eat enough women you will understand their structure, like he said. interesting.


That was less scary than the bathtub video. (don't ask. just don't) Strange how three seconds on youtube can scar you for life.


can someone enlighten me on this. Who the fuck is this Frank Yang and why does he have all these videos of random shit on youtube?

Like I was looking at this, and then found a training video right after? HEGEL??? wtf?


Some really fucked up films that were banned on youtube:







Crazy stuff, I'm sure there is some sort of genius in him.

He does have some good video editing skills.


it pisses me off how he makes everything look like child's play


Every once in awhile,"God Mode" is left on to those very special and lucky individuals. I would have to say that hes probably the greatest athlete of our generation.


I think Frank Yang is out of his motherfucking mind.


Certainly an artist, and my balls crawled back up inside me.


the fuck is wrong with him?!?


Just LOL.

Dude you haven't met very many athletes have you?


As a matter of fact I have and when comparing him to your average highschool football player to him id say hes more athletic. Can many athletes accomplish what he did in a very short span?

The fact of the matter is that he doesnt have a coach to help him out and he doenst have a school or instiution to back him up but he does a lot of heart and dedication. His techniques are unorthodox yet innovated.


He worked with Kelly Baggett and Eric Cressey for periods of time on his programming.

He's also 22 in that vid. Comparing him to HS athletes isn't fair. He also didn't play sports. His sport was being fast twitch - and he did it well. It means he can do those lifts better at that bodyweight than almost anyone - and is quite impressive at them too!

I wouldn't go comparing him to team sport athletes. He's 150, which I feel makes him irrelevant in everything but curling.


You said he's the greatest athlete of our generation. You have to do WAY better than convince us he's better than a high schooler to back up that claim. I could be wrong on this given that I'm not looking him up to make this argument but I'm going to guess he has zero gold medals, zero world championship victories, zero professional sports awards or championships and next to no money generated by athlete prowess(beyond youtube advertising). So please explain how he is the greatest.


Guy's got talent. He can be as freaky as he wants.