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Frank Yang is Bulking






believe me. the only way to convince people that I' not on steroids is to really go on gear.

I will stay natural for as long as I can, but once I do choose to go on gear, I will let you know all about it,



Lol 30lbs in 3 weeks? What was your nutrient intake like beforehand, a thimble of whey per day?


I eat every 3 hours.

start out with 40 - 50 grams of protein.

then stuff whatever space that is left in my stomach with carbs and fat.

You have to remember that I used to be pretty damn strong (300, 400, 500 @ 165), and then went on a starved myself for a year.


That is impossible. No human can gain more than .25lbs of muscle a month. I read that on the internet.


obviously it isn't all muscle.
But since my goal is only to look and get as big as I can , i could care less if it was made up of plastic.

but i would say that if I'm incline benching 225 for 3 sets of 10 on the barbell and 110x 10 on the dumbbell then it's probably not all fat.


I meant before you started bulking. You were clearly starving yourself prior to the bulk if you actually put on 30lbs in 3 weeks.

Also you bench more than you can squat lol? Or are those numbers bench, squat, deadlift rather than the traditional PL ordering of lifts?


A link to the contest mentioned in this video can be found on Youtube in the video details.

Frank's submission needs to overtake a narrow lead in order to win.


Franks da bomb


300 pound bench, 400 squat, 500 DL
all raw.

and yes i starved myself for a long time to look like brad pitt. now THATs not natural


thanks bro.
here's the link :



Dude, you've made good progress. You can still see veins.

Screw haterz.


I have to agree with X, he does still look pretty good here. Whether he did in 3 weeks or not, he looks better than a majority of the guys on the site.



I've gained 20lbs in the past month and a half. It it isn't ALL muscle but it damn sure is enough to justify the gain.


You should strive to look like Bolo Yeung now.


That makes sense on the lift numbers- solid work for a 165lb dude.

And I agree with X- let the haters hate, your gains are solid and I definitely believe they're natural. The rebound gains following starvation/any extreme caloric restriction are huge. Keep up the good work and avoid movie star-related malnutrition in the future lol.


Fuck this natty shit.

Get on the gear. Hell, I'll finance it just for fun.


That being said, VERY impressive 3 week transformation, incredible work.


Outstanding progress! 30 lbs. in 3 weeks doesn't warrant accusations of being on the gear in your circumstance. I think it's safe to assume starving oneself for a freaking year can lead to quite an impact when your body suddenly gets all the nutrients it needs on a consistent basis.