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Frank Yang Does It Again


I thought the ending part with the leaf blower was kind of funny.


Does "what" exactly?

This guy is a fucking joke. Tries way too hard.


Is that a Justin Bieber?


does...what exactly?


Meh. Tom Green 2.0


Does what exactly??




I remember a time when the only videos I saw of this guy were him doing cool feats of explosive power and strength.

I liked him better then.


Nothing amazing here! Just an expression of rebellion stemming from the classic oppressive Asian upbringing.I bet his parents, extended family and the Taiwanese commmunity are all very proud.


So...what is he doing exactly?


He let another hobo sodomize him?


In my capacity as a total ignoramus I would have to say that this kind of self-punishing exhibitionism is the result of severe sexual abuse.


does frank yang what represent of accurately comedy?


Sexual abuse, was that before or after he was bummed by a hobo?


she continued lifting, what a shame


lol i'm certain I've seen this guy in real life before...



His lifting videos were impressive and hilarious.

What was his T-Nation username again?


HE DID WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



Haha, still makes me chuckle..


The representation of anal probing by homeless, mostly accurate.