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Frank Trigg Back In UFC


[i]Veteran Frank Trigg (19-6 MMA, 2-3 UFC) is returning to the UFC after signing a four-fight deal with the organization.

The news recently came from a report issued by MMAJunkie.com.

Trigg recently turned 37 and went 2-3 in his first go-around in the UFC that lasted from 2003-2005.

Trigg made his octagon debut at UFC 45 where he lost to Matt Hughes. It was the first of two losses he would suffer to Hughes via rear-naked choke that still haunt Trigg to this very day.[/i]


I saw that and think he would do better at 185-
but he is like my age... that is like Old for fighting
he isnt bad, and recently has looked good.
but he will loose to top tier guys at either weight.



frank wears a g-string...when he rolls, like the lacy kind. don't ask me why he does this or why i was looking at his ass when he was smashing me but it made me wary of giving up my back.


HA! Did he try and sink the third hook?


Excellent! Trigg is a great fighter, and a great talker. The MW division needs a good heel.

He had a belly button ring when I saw him. Oh, those Vegas fighters.


He's not going to do well in the UFC. He is a gatekeeper at best. His last couple of wins have not been that impressive.


i think he is a great commentator...too bad they didn't bring him on to do that. i'm mildy annoyed with Rogan, and pretty much wish i could program my TV to automatically mute Goldberg.


He also says that he likes girly drinks. He's an odd fella.


I don't think he's just a gatekeeper. If they make the RNC illegal, he's gonna be champ :slight_smile:


What a welcome back to the UFC.......Trigg vs. Koscheck at UFC 103(which is rumored to be in Dallas...about damn time...can't wait).



Agreed, Goldberg sucks balls. "he's rocked, he's rocked"


I dislike Koscheck, but he is kind of a beast.
and probably too much for trigg, who looks good with lower competition,
im not sure how much he has evolved.



I had this crazy thought. What if the UFC is looking to sign once popular fighters like Coleman, Trigg, and CroCop to gain lifetime video game rights to their likeness. I am not much for video games, so I wouldn't know if CroCop is already in there.


Now that is a very good thought. Mad meaningless props to ya from a completely anonymous random internet poster.


I think welterweight is a very bad idea. I thought he was going to go in at 185 like he's been fighting lately. Looking at the top 10 in the UFC, I don't think he can beat any of them.


yea cro cop is in there. and guess what? he has a glass jaw in the game, same with chuck liddell. but to rag on goldberg and rogan even more, its hilarious when they are talking in the game about your opponent's great striking and you knock him the fuck out. i lol'd irl


You guy keep knocking Goldberg and Therizza threw in Rogan.Name acouple announcers from other fighting Orgs. that are better then him.

And Rogan, Rogan is bad ass.He knows mma better than any color commentator in mma, he has a brown belt in BJJ and he says the most fucked up shit.


I liked Randy more, El Guapo, Marro, shit Mir is better than Goldberg. Perfect team would be Randy, Bas and Rogan or any combo of.


I like Rogan, but sometimes what he says is kinda silly, and the way the game scenes play out sometimes made that more evident to me. El Guapo is the best fighter turned commentator because he has such a killer sense of humor, plus the accent=badass


Mir sucks at announcing, Floryian did a better job last night.