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Frank Shamrock IS da man!

I really liked the shamrock interview this week but need more! What is his weekly training etc. It seemed as though this interview only touched the surface, is there going to be a follow up, and did i mention, FRANK SHAMROCK IS DA MAN!

NOT THE MAN AT ALL!!! Being a Martial artist for the last 20 years most of these ‘mixed martial arts babies’ are a joke! Frank Shamrock was really ‘Funny’ in his sherdog.com interview when he said he would kill anybody on the street.LOL this guy is a ‘pretty boy’ he would get his ass handed to him by alot of people in the street!!! I watched his fights and he dos’nt inpress me one bit.

yes Dion is right… Frank Sharmrock is a little sissy girl always looking for his momma, I could easily defeat him in combat and love making to sexy females. I base these facts upon the fact that I am an anonymous faceless dood posting on this FORUM!

Thanks for the feedback guys on my Shamrock interview and I plan on doing another interview with Frank in the near future. Check out adcombat.com for my interviews with Ken Shamrock and Heath Herring.

Mike Mahler

Dion Lackner are you serious? Shamrock would mess up a lot of people. Have you even grappled before? Have you ever been in a real fight? Shamrock has great striking ability and is amazing at transitional submissions.

About two weeks ago I went to my dojo in the morning for my regular workout, no big deal. About 10 minutes into it I heard someone say, “Holy shit, it’s Frank Shamrock.” He was in town and stopped by to say hello to my instructor. As the article said he is a very nice/friendly guy. He hung around for awhile and then left but first he shook everyone’s hand and asked us our names. I would love to see more info and interviews pertaining to MMA.

As for defending Frank’s fighting ability or anyone else’s for that matter, I have learned to never call someone a pussy. Until you are in the ring you really have no idea what you are talking about. I used to think I was big and bad and then I really explored more of the arts and realized how little I truly knew. As for passing judgements on things, I tried Yoga and couldn’t believe a friend talked me into it. It turns out that this yoga (bikram)kicked my ass and was very difficult. I don’t consider myself and elite athlete but I’m in shape and this “pussy stretching” showed me to re-think and correct any preconceived notions I had.

It would be interesting to read an interview with Josh Barnett on how he shed all that bodyfat and got into shape before his fight against Couture.

Great idea ghostface and i will contact josh a.s.a.p.


Josh Barnett tested positive for steroids after the UFC 36 event.

Krak’s right. There’s a reason that there are interviews with Frank Shamrock. Because he can “walk the talk”. And I for one, would like to read these because I know I’ll learn alot from his many successes and insight into the sport. Right, Dion? It goes down to this: put out in the ring or shut up.

 Yes I have been in a 'Real Fight; fights before, and If your trying to say MMA is real fighting ITS NOT!! Not even close, in a Real fight theres no rules, no time limits, everything goes, in my opinion the UFC, PRIDE e.t.c is not real fighting its just sport martial arts not NHB,and yes I have grappled more than my share I have trained for the last 21 years I'am 25 next month I have trained I have instructed rape defense classes/police arrest tactics classes e.t.c and real fighting requires you to defend yorself against guns,knives,e.t.c everybody is so into grappling its actually 'a dangerous way of thinking' think about it??? ok so you get in a fight on the street and you say, I'am gonna take this guy down and submit him.... fine ok ya got him down your going for  a choke and he pulls out a knife while your choking him and rams into yor ribs now hows your 'brazillian jujitsu'lol see thats NO HOLDS BARRED!! 

I’m impressed by his fighting skills but I would caution to take his training ideas (specifically weight training) with a grain of salt. If you really want to learn how a fighter should be training take a look at some of Coach Davies programs or go to sportsci.org and run a search on Evander Holyfield…this is how Fred Hatfield used to train him.

i think Dions right. I think if Shamrock met somebody like Tony Blauer, Paul Vunak, or Larry Hartsell in a “street fight” where eye gouging, hair pulling, biting, and everything else that you can think of goes Shamrock would have his ass handed to him. But at the same time if they met Shamrock in a MMA event they would be torn apart.

Dion Lacker - WTF? You said it yourself that they are both different so why are you comparing them saying this one is better for the street etc. MMA is a sport and thats what were talking about so stop comparing it with the street if you want to learn street defence then take a self defence class. You say youve been doing self defence, rape defense since you were 4, man you must be paranoid about being raped or sumthin :slight_smile: In conclusion i stand by my original statement, Frank Shamrock is da man and i cant wait till he returns to MMA. Him vs Sakaraba would be awesome.

Its not secret that MMA is a SPORT. Its definitely not self defense nor street fighting. The ring is a safe and controlled environment. BUT STILL, that doesnt take away from Frank’s talent and athleticism. BTW who gives a fuck if he would be a great street fighter? Do you say,“Mcguire isnt a good baseball player because he isnt a good street fighter?” Its irrelevant.

Man most people like you are fakes. Tony Blauer is a fake too. Are you trying to say that Shamrock’s abilities would suddenly disapear on the street?

Most people don’t carry weapons unless they plan to rob you. I have never seen a street fight that involved weapons. All I see is untrained people throwing haymakers leaving themselves open for a takedown. Besides Shamrock can fight standing up too.

Guys, you’re all right in some ways. Frank kicked major ass in the ring and should be very commended for it, and Mike’s interview was great. I’m not sure how Frank would do in a NHB situation where people have no rules, morals, and ohh yes carry things like guns and knives. In fact, I once asked a high level martial arts instructor how he would best train someone for self defense and his answer was a lightning quick “get yourself a gun”. I think that sums up the self defense industry rather quickly. Lastly to Molsonman, that was I guess predictable as he was in better, albeit not great shape. I am just shocked as I had no idea the UFC even tested for it or cared.

Just a quick defense of Tony Blauer. I studied under him for 2 years and he definitely knows his stuff. And for the record he never ran his mouth about being able to win the UFC, he has his own system for his needs. Self defense and MMA is different and you have to train differently for it. Its that simple. Do strong men competitors train and diet the same as bodybuiilders? NO! Why? Because they have a different end goal. Which is the best way? It depends on your goal. Its that simple. PS: Its amazing how most people think they have to ‘dis’ everyone else to make elevate their own point of view.

nothing like a little controversy! It is always fun to watch. Wait unit you guys see my Steve MAxwell interview. Steve is a black belt in BJJ, is 50 years old and is incredible shape. He is a brilliant trainer and hopefully the interview that I did with him will be at t-mag shortly.

Mike Mahler

The UFC organization doesn’t test for steroids but the Nevada athletic commision does. Barnett is leaving the UFC and fighting for Pride so the UFC heavyweight title is vacant. The lightweight title is vacant too because Pulver (lightweight champ) was getting paid less than his challengers. So he decided to leave.