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Frank Miller's 300



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If you liked Sin City, and you better have, I think you are going to like this movie! Looks like they have real T-Men in all the roles. No sign of Tobey McGuire anywhere!


I was about to shout plant. But most plants don't put in so many post before. Plus they wouldn't pick a name that mirrors the movie.

Looks like your dream project is getting made. I'll give it a watch.


One of my favorite graphic novels and Gates of Fire is one of the best books ever! What is the release date for this movie???


You'd make a great detective, LOL! Your right it's not a plant at all. Every little Greek boy knows the 300 Spartans and the Battle of Thermopylae just like every little Texan boy (maybe every Ameriacan Boy) knows about The Alamo. For those who don't know The Battle of Thermopylae is known as Greek Alamo. your right it is my dream project. Looks like they are going to do it justice.


King Leonidas, Gerard Butler. To bad I was hoping Tobey McGuire or maybe Leonardo Decaprio might have been better.


lets hope they do it justice and don't screw it over like they did the Alamo in that last film about it.

Any ideas on release dates?


Why the hell is Frank Miller doing a movie about Battle of Thermopylae?

I smell another Alexander. Which really sucks because Gates Of Fire is an amazing book.


Uhhh... because he wrote and illustrated a graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae.

You should read it, it's pretty cool.




Ahhhh. lol

You have to admit, considering I only know him from Sin City, hearing that he's doing a movie about the Hot Gates is a little weird.


Hey JMB, that picture is awsome where did it come from. It looks like Miller drew it. A Spartan with an fully automatic weapon! That's cool.


A Spartan with an fully automatic weapon is from a Sin City comic. One of the tales that didn't make the first movie. I think it's "Hell and Back" the main guy get's drugged and starts to hallucinate.


In 1998 Darkhorse Comics issued Frank Miller's 300 in a 5 issue series. Then in 99 they released the whole thing in a Hardcover Graphic Novel. it is very cool but don't expect it to be historically accurate.


here's an interview with Miller where he explains his desire to do 300.


Please for the love of God don't mention Alexander again. Oliver Stone decided to focus on his personal life rather then explore the Military Leader who would lead a victorious Military campaign from Greece through to India. I found it unbearable to watch.


I enjoyed Pressfields book Alexander but I refuse to see the movie because it will bring me down.

Pressfields book Gates of Fire is one of my favorite books. I would love to see it made into a film by someone other than Oliver Stone.

I have not read Millers 300.

I seem to be one of the few people that didn't like his Dark Knight Returns, which is his only work I am familiar with.


This is interesting. I really loved DKR. I don't think it's Miller's best - that honor goes to "Daredevil: Born Again" - but I still loved it. Why didn't you like it?


Speaking of comic books, am I the only person disturbed by the fact that Brian Michael Bendis apparently writes every comic in existence? I mean, I still read it, because he's a good writer, but he writes like 8 or 9 books right now. That's crazy.



Nice Thread.

I'm a bit curious about the comic now, so I'm gonna download part one of the series and decide whether to buy it or not.

The (new) Alexander movie was nearly a catastrophe.
Which sucked royally, because I consider the whole story as the greatest real epic of western history.

You all, stay healthy and strong


I might be wrong, because I only read his Spider-Man.

Brian Michael Bendis only really has to write diologe. It's not like he has to think up of new stories. He just thinks of new twist for old story lines, then put in funny lines.


Thanks for reminding me. I read DD Born Again and thought it was pretty good.

In Dark Knight Returns I didn't like the art at all, the Robin sucked, the political talking heads arguing on TV were interesting for a little while but got annoying (just like real life.)

I thought the villian sucked big time.

All in all it was a big disappointment.


BMB currently writes:

Ultimate Spiderman
New Avengers
The Pulse
Secret War

So, I guess just 6. All of these have original storylines, even Ultimate Spiderman. That's a heck of a lot of work, and it gives him a whole lot of control over some of comics' most popular characters.

As for not liking DKR, I guess everyone has different tastes. I LOVE Miller and Varley's artwork in DKR, and while the Mutant Leader was not the most compelling of villains, I thought Miller's treatment of the Joker and Superman were great.