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Frank Miller's 300 Trailer

Friend just sent me this…haven’t seen it anywhere else, but looks like it’s legit. Very stylized. Looks good.


Looks sick!


Fuck yeah.

They have a bunch more “video journals” here.

Looks like the average T-Nationalist will drool over that piece quite a bit.

If they include some Lesbo action between Jessica Biel and Jamie Eason, this could be the best film ever.

when is this movie out, fuck it looks sick!

[quote]Split wrote:
when is this movie out, fuck it looks sick![/quote]

March '07 as of right now.

Trained by Mark F. Twight for the movie…he is a fucking badass pure and simple. Video Journal #3.

This movie looks awesome I can’t wait.

I can’t believe they made this movie and it looks sick.

Absolutely fucking schhhh-weet!

Looks fucking awesome


I honestly can’t wait till it comes out, it is going to be FUCKING AWESOME!

Every time someone in the film says a variation of ‘spartan’ or ‘sparta’ take a drink!

Droooool … awesome training clips