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Frank Frazetta Dies


He was one of my earliest influences.


Thanks for the memories, Mr. Frazetta.


He molded the way I see Conan. Great artistic style!


He knew how to draw a woman's body like no other




Even then he was drawing T-Vixens


lets try this again


I guess there was too much sweet, sweet booty in that one.


Iconic Conan




RIP. His art was amazing and Im not even sure who else can compete against his.


Is this the guy that did all the Molly Hatchett album covers?

I like the style he uses to draw, kinda smudgy but still lots of detail.


Yes, he did their covers.

Smudgy?? Well, there's a rawness to his style which is in context with the subject matter. Compare him to Boris Vallejo who paints very cleanly and meticulously... yet without the same power that Frazetta's brush released!

Frazetta > Vallejo





Gath of Baal blew my mind as a teenager, I wanted to be just like him haha. This is my favorite pic of Frank's that I've seen.


I don't know shit about drawing technic and it wasen't meant to sound like I thought his style was primitive and I hope you didn't take it that way ID.


Sorry about that, BJB. And you're right, many people would take a comment like "smudgy" to mean privative or sloppy. Frank had a great sense of immediacy, and his smudginess expressed that positive trait.


I believe he painted this way because he wanted the immediate subject in the forground to be the focus, as opposed to anything else that was in the painting. He didn't want it to look 'busy'.

Both he and Vallejo were big inspirations of mine growing up, drawing/sketching.


RIP. My favorite artist and someone who influenced a wide range of people across many facets.

My buddy and I were just trying to figure out where the Frazetta Museum was to go check it out.


My mom had a book of his work when I was a little guy and I would flip through it often, amazed at how badass everything looked. RIP.


Heavy Metal